2018 Theme Park Season Highlights

As the year is almost over now we thought we’d share some of highlights from the 2018 season. Let us know your highlights below in the comments or across our social media’s.


We finally got to ride Wickerman and it took us several days of work to get to finally ride it. It’s the project we watch be born really. My first visit was when The Flume was in operation back in 2014. We visited for the first time together was when The Flume sat SBNO. It was an experience which we will never forget watching it come together. We own a photo album from the construction start to finish. It was one of the only coasters which left us speechless after riding. Our first impression just cannot be put into words. The whole season we couldn’t wait for the night rides. Again it really did surprise us just how much of difference the time of day made. So all the efforts we went through to finally ride Wickerman after it’s snowy opening day really turned out to be worth it. It was a massive highlight of our season and we can’t wait to get back on it next March.


We had the privilege to attend the media opening for Icon. It was a massive achievement for us personally. It was a truly special day, whenever we look back at that day its fills us with so much joy. Similar to Wickerman we watched Icon come together and was originally the coaster, we were most excited for out of the two. It’s lovely to see something so modern amongst such iconic rides. Now we have purchased our season passes for next season we’re hoping to spend more time riding Icon.

PortAventura World:

For a couple of years we were talking about visiting PortAventura World. Last December we  finally purchased / renewed our passports meaning it could actually happen at long last. So we booked up for their Halloween event. We honestly can’t describe how much we loved the holiday. The weather, hotel, rides and everything basically was perfect. We couldn’t of wished for any better. Next year we’re wanting to visit a new European park but unsure where as of yet. We’ll be uploading a bucket list very soon.

Tiger Rock:

We were kindly invited along to the Tiger Rock press event. As for the event it was hosted brilliantly. Anyone who read our blogs from this event would know how much we love Tiger Rock. To seethe transformation from Mystic East to Land of the Tiger was beautiful.

First Ever Evacuation:

This was so funny we couldn’t resist including it in this blog. When we visited Chessington Halloween we were on the Gruffalo. As we reached the fountain finale the house lights came on so we started to joke about breaking down. Of course it was the case we were sat at a standstill for 10 minutes. The boat began to leak and fill up easily half way to seats. We were there for 40-50 minutes with three of us having our legs on each other on the benches. The management team came to evac us and we had to crawl out of the boats. It was the funniest moment of the season for sure it might not sound funny but if you were there you’d died with laughter.

Halloween Season:

It finally happened we  got round to experiencing some scare mazes. The scariest been Creepy Caves at Chessington it was brutal. Our favourite maze though was definitely Dead Creek Woods it was so much fun. Every actor we encountered were fab. We miss Halloween season more than ever this time round.

Let us know your highlights from the 2018 season, across our socials or in the comments below.

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