Trip Report | Magical Christmas – Drayton Manor 2018

Magical Christmas has become part of a yearly tradition for us now. Our first was back in 2016 and we couldn’t imagine a Christmas without this trip now.


The theming is a huge aspect of the experience. As soon as you walk into the park your instantly transformed into a festive Drayton Manor which is always easy on the eye. There are plenty of photo opportunities across the park. The actual theming is adorable and always so pretty. Thomas Land is often the heaviest in regards to theming however the rest of park has equally as much theming.


Ride offering:

Since 2016 the ride offering has expanded a lot. This season Sheriff Showdown & Polperro Express has been added to the line up. Both of those rides have made a huge difference to the line up and made it a tad easier to fulfil the time on park. It’s two more rides to the rest to experience. The train offers some unique views of closed season maintenance. There wasn’t an awful lot of maintenance happening whilst we were on park but I’d imagine the more the event goes on the more to see.


Atmosphere/ Audio:

The only way we can describe the atmosphere is joyful. We think it’s the festive atmosphere which makes everyone so happy. The staff are always polite & friendly around Drayton as it is anyway. It’s easily the best atmosphere at a theme park! As for audio it’s mainly well known Christmas songs throughout the park. Thomas Land has its own audio as usual but elsewhere on the park are the classic Christmas songs. The audio seemed to have an upgrade since the Fireworks which is fab!

Parade / Christmas Tree Light Show:

Previous years saw the parade begin inside of Thomas Land. When following the parade it has been quite cramped and hard to get out the entrance, with the amount of people. This year the location thankfully changed to outside Thomas Land. It made a huge difference and was much better to move around. The parade is wonderful and a lovely touch to the event. It’s something we’d love to see introduced during their Halloween event. During the day at certain times the Christmas tree had a light show. It’s the small touches such as that show which really make the event in my opinion.

Fireworks / Opening Hours:

The opening hours are some of the best out of the whole season for Drayton Manor. During on selected days it’s 6pm close other days are 5pm. The firework display is daily whenever the park is open for the event therefore they aren’t on the same level as their main event which is held early November. But even so it’s a beautiful way to end the day.

If you’ve visited Magical Christmas let us know your opinions below or across our social media accounts.

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