Few Coasters We Find Underrated…

No doubt not everybody will agree with our opinions but we would love to hear yours. We’ll be sharing the coasters we think are underrated then explaining as to why. We hope you guys enjoy this blog & feel free to let us know your thoughts on the coaster perhaps you find are underrated.

Air / Galactica:

We’ll go with calling it Air as we are actually talking about the coaster and not the VR experience. It’s a coaster which we would happily re ride and continuously enjoy. Of course it’s not the most “thrilling” or the most intense coaster we’ve ridden. Yet it’s one of the smoother coasters & is fab. It’s a coaster that would be great for those wanting to start riding big coasters. The theming which came alongside the new name Galactica was real fab and the portal looks gorgeous during dark.

Colossus at Thorpe Park:

Truthfully we can’t begin to deny how much we once hated it and how uncomfortable a lot of our rides were before last season. Unsure as to what has actually changed or has been done but we’ve been finding it decent to ride. Admittedly we wouldn’t necessarily re ride all that much within the same day. However it’s definitely gotten smoother and more enjoyable. The only downfall we find now is the horrendous cramped carriages they are a pain in the ass!

Thirteen at Alton Towers:

Thirteen is seriously fab and a coaster which doesn’t get as much hype as it deserves in our opinion. It’s without a doubt one of the smoothest coasters we’ve ever ridden. That’s a massive win for certain but also it has one of the best drops of a coaster. It still comes as a surprise how steep it actually is and the amount of airtime is crazy. Even though it’s a family coaster it’s still one of the best coasters overall within the UK. As for the indoor section yeah for anybody who doesn’t know or haven’t ridden it, it’s always real fab to see how people react! Admittedly it does feel pretty unnatural especially on a coaster.

Shockwave at Drayton Manor:

Not gonna lie there was a time which we didn’t exactly appreciate this coaster. However it’s 25 this season and a pretty unique experience that is only 40 minutes away from home! It is smooth especially on the front row it always surprises us how heigh the lift is. Of course it’s not anywhere near the tallest coasters but it’s fab at keeping the speed and decent amount of intensity.

Millennium at Fantasy Island:

Seriously nobody talks about how fab this coaster is enough in our opinion. It’s one of the smoother coasters again but rides beautifully all the way round. We always describe it as the “stereotypical coaster”. Maybe that’s just us but when you think of a rollercoaster it’s the one that pops into our mind. We really want to get back and give it another few rides to share a full review of the coaster along with the entire park!

Dragon Fury at Chessington World of Adventures:

I’m personally obsessed with this coaster and can never get enough whilst on park. If you love a good spin sit backwards up the lift because trust me you’ll get a fab spin. It’s definitely is our favourite spinning coaster. By all means it doesn’t have the best throughput nor does it have the best capacity with the maximum of 3 adults to a train. However it’s real fab and perfect for all the family.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog & thank you for reading. Let us know your underrated UK coasters below or across our socials.

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