Theme Park Closed Season Guide – 2021

I feel as if since the last time I shared this kind of blog post there has been a growth in things you can do during closed season for us UK folk. So, let’s get into this post & I hope it is somewhat useful for you guys!

Christmas & Half Term Events:

Since the last time of writing this style of post, so much has changed. A lot more UK theme parks have enrolled onto the line-up of Christmas events that have their gates open to non-hotel guests now. This does include Alton Towers too. There is a Christmas market happening this year that is free for passholders just need to pre-book your parking space. Alongside of this there is also the offering of Lightopia and selected rides at an additional fee. A Christmas event returning for another year is Chessingtons & Magical Christmas at Drayton Manor.

Winter Weekends at Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

Blackpool Pleasure Beach are remaining open every weekend until the 12th of November. This is a prime opportunity to embrace the ride offering for anyone who’s not had a chance this season. It also falls perfectly to catch the illuminations too.

Mid-Way Attractions:

Merlin Annual Passholders why not check out the midway attractions that are included in your passes. It’s something we are intending to do. London is home to numerous attractions as well as Blackpool! There is so many adventures to be had. Even select places like Alton Towers have attractions open throughout the closed season like the Golf & Waterpark.

Winter Wonderland Hyde Park:

Returning this year after last year’s cancellation is Winter Wonderland. I have personally never visited but it does look super cute.

Explore New Villages & Cities:

Non-theme park-related adventures are sometimes equally as fun. Something I’ve found the older I have got is a love for exploring new cities, towns and villages. So, why not just visit somewhere which has been sat on your bucket list?

Save & Trip Plan:

It’s a brilliant time to save ahead of the new season, purchase that season passes you want and get planning your 2022 trips. This is something we often tend to do just to make it less straining during the main season.

Figure Out New Road Trip Routes:

Is there a select rollercoaster type you’d like to complete here in the UK? It doesn’t even have to be just the UK whether you desire. Why not sit down and put together a road trip plan? Set yourself a goal for this time next year to be accomplished. That’s what we did in closed season 2019 for completing every UK wooden rollercoaster possible for us in the UK & although 2020 was a challenging year to complete it we did!

Binge Watch Content:

There’s nothing better than on these colder evenings than binge-watching your favourite theme park content or even non-theme park content. Catch up on anything you missed from visiting theme parks.


What are your plans for this closed season? Are there any tips & recommendations available to share with fellow enthusiasts? Pop your suggestions in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading & I hope you have enjoyed & found this somewhat useful!

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