Scare Review | Bunker 41 – Walsall Scare Maze 2021 #gifted

Last night we headed to another new-for-us event which was Walsall Scare Maze. We were kindly invited to check out this event by the team, so a massive shout out to you guys! So, let’s get into the post and have a chit chat about this attraction.

The Hub:

I’m unsure as to whether this area is called The Hub but that is the kind of vibe it gives off. Within this space, you have a food outlet, bar, merchandise stall and some beautiful theming. You also have a roaming actor mingling amongst the crowd who managed to keep us super distracted and entertained whilst we were queuing to enter the maze and the actors were entering the attraction. The atmosphere was just lovely the music makes everything feel all somewhat calm yet that is just deceiving for what you’re about to experience inside the maze itself.

Bunker 41:

We headed into this maze blind and oblivious as to what we were going to experience. I avoided all sources of reviews and anything regarding this maze and that made me extra nervous anyway. The exterior looks eerie in itself. We were the first group to enter the maze which meant that all the actors were in position ready to give their scares and it meant we had the most insane and intense run through we could possibly wish for.

They utilized various creative tactics to deliver the greatest value of scares some of which comprised distraction strategies perfectly and remaining still until you passed by. They did separate us a few times into 2s which made it so much more fierce as there were plenty of actors to terrorise each of us individually to obtain substantial scares.

Every actor was crazy at what they do and did not pull any punches they were grabbing us, pulling our hair, stroking our faces and all around being outstanding! Certain rooms incorporated some fun interactive sequences, some of which led to some tremendous jump scares.

The strobe lighting was effortlessly powerful and easily the best we have encountered so far this season. Each audio that was played throughout just strengthened the intense climate that was already existing not to ignore how exceptionally scary all of the characters looked. Some of which looked far too realistic for my liking. Every single actor we met face to face was remarkable at what they were doing. They never gave in on giving us the toughest of scares we could ask for. Some of them would hold back to make sure those towards the back didn’t get off likely. They’d prowl behind you throughout each scene to never give you the chance for a breather.

The finale was the tensest feeling I have ever had, my back was aching afterwards I was clenching that much aha. Separating us into our 2s again and just said in other words good luck find your way out. The strobe was on point and it was a proper maze type feeling where there were several routes to be taken and nobody is helping you neither. It took us around 5-10 minutes to figure out which way to go. The length of this maze really does fall down to you and how quickly you manage to figure out the exit at the end. For us, it lasted around 20 minutes but I have heard others mention it lasted 10 for them. 


So, Bunker 41 has taken the top spot for scare mazes this year for me. It pretty much offered everything that I am terrified of in one space and that hasn’t ever happened in a scare maze before for me. The entire combination of strobes, well-themed set pieces, gasmask style characters, separation and the tense sound effects & audio just created THE perfect maze. It’s the first maze I have come out of which has left me utterly speechless.

Every single staff member we encountered was so lovely and welcoming as well which made the entire night feel even more incredible. It was so lovely to stand and have a chat with them about the event. I’m so hyped to head back to experience their Christmas scare maze! It’s one of those mazes that could easily go under people’s radar but honestly if you are reading this or have seen any of my social media posts, please head to Walsall Scare Maze and experience it for yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed.


Be sure to book your tickets to check out the offering for this event HERE. If you haven’t already, I can’t recommend this scare maze enough.

Once again a huge thank you to the team at Walsall Scare Maze for gifting mine & Ants tickets to this attraction. Also thank you to you guys for reading as always!

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