All You Need To Know About Lightwater Valley in 2021

I was kindly sent information regarding the opening of Lightwater Valley on the 12th of April that I thought I would share with you guys. So here is all the information you need to know ahead of the brand new theme park season.


Lightwater Valley is opening with a reduced capacity and all guest are required to book online ahead of their visit. Alongside these safety measures, staff will be continuing to maintain additional levels of cleaning throughout the day. As well as the social distancing markers remaining from last season too.

New for 2021:

There is a wide range of new rides for families to enjoy this season including Go Safari, Hot Air Balloons, Savanna Express, Kangaroo Jump, Elephant Flight & Monkey Drop. Alongside some of these new editions, the park has also re-themed former attractions such as Treetopsnets which is now known as Treetop Trails. All of these new editions are family orientated and will surely be a lot of fun for younger children.

Returning Rides:

Alongside the latest arrivals and changes for the park listed above, there are so many returning riders to the line up too. These rides include Little Dipper, Carousel, Skyrider, The Lady Bird Rollercoaster, Splash Falls plus so much more. Whilst visiting the park you can also take a relaxing ride on the swan boats or explore the park through the Lightwater Valley Express. There is so much for younger families especially those under 12s to enjoy!

For further information in regards to safety measures & guidelines but also in regards to the rides which are expected to be available this upcoming season please visit Lightwater Valley’s website, which can be found HERE.

I hope this is somewhat helpful and insightful for anyone planning an upcoming visit to the park. 

Thank you for reading as always.

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