Why Megafobia Left Me Underwhelmed?..

Okay, this has been my number 1 most anticipated UK rollercoaster for about 4 years. I heard nothing but incredible things about it too which just constantly added to this expectation I built in my mind. By all means, I have no doubt many love this coaster and unlucky for me I have heard it’s not at it’s best this season so maybe that’s why. But here’s everything I love & hate about Megaphobia. Of course, this is simply MY opinion from my experience. I’d highly recommend visiting to try it for yourself.

I had VERY high expectations about this rollercoaster prior to visiting. For 4 years I’ve non stopped had this expectation of this becoming my number one UK coaster. As someone who simply adores wooden rollercoasters anyway it was hard to avoid getting myself hyped for this one. It sat high as my number one bucket list coaster for so long and I expected it to basically be perfect. So no doubt this disappointment is about 60% caused by myself.

The one part of this rollercoaster I loved so much, was the first drop. It has to be the best out of all the wooden rollercoasters I’ve done. The amount of airtime was insane especially for a mid train ride. She wants you out of your seat for sure but I can imagine it more so at the back. The lift hill I quite liked actually as odd as that sounds. I had expected it to take an eternity like Big Dipper but I was very wrong. It was nice & fast by the time you knew it you were about to embark on the first drop.

I was not prepared for how rough it was going to be. As always with every wooden coaster except Wickerman, I love to hold on and brace. But by holding on it made even more uncomfortable. I ended up really hurting my hand afterwards due to how brutal it was. Maybe it’s because of where we were sat on the train or perhaps we’ve experienced it at a wrong time I’m unsure. But I’d go as far to say it’s the roughest wooden rollercoaster I’ve ever experienced and that’s including Grand National, the king of roughness.

The speed on the first drop is beautiful. Yet the rest of the layout it felt as if it was crawling. The final airtime hill during our first ride felt almost as if it wasn’t going to make it, it was that slow. I have heard it’s running a lot slower than usual, this season.

The layout is fun but it didn’t exceed any of my expectations and nor did it leave me wanting more. I definitely think the roughness perhaps took a shine away from the layout itself.

All in all, I feel as if we were extremely unlucky with where we sat & how it’s not at it’s best this season. We wanted a back row ride but twice got given mid-train seats. After the second ride, I couldn’t bear to attempt it again to even try a back row ride neither. I found it very rough personally and disappointing. It was probably my own fault for having such high expectations before even riding.

I’d definitely suggest y’all who haven’t ridden it yet to visit and give it a shot. You guys may well adore but for me personally, it’s my least favourite wooden rollercoaster I’ve done so far & I am genuinely gutted about it too.

How you do rate Megafobia?

Thank you for reading as always xo

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