THROWBACK THURSDAY: Chessington World of Adventures 2016

My first ever visit to Chessington World of Adventures was in the Summer of 2016. I remember overhearing a couple on the sky ride at Alton Towers, discussing how they need to make their trip because Bubbleworks was closing. It prompted me to plan a trip for us to visit too, especially considering we had merlin annual passes anyway.

Genuinely speaking I never knew much of Chessington. I knew it was a family based theme park. Ant visited when he was young & always spoke about how much he loved it. The only two rides I knew was there was Vampire & Bubbleworks. I didn’t really have much of a pre-visit expectations or impression in all honesty. 

We visited in August I believe and it was a HUGE mistake. The queues were horrific. We waited 90 minutes for Tomb Blaster and nobody around us knew personal space at all. I had a kid grabbing my ass and wasps all over the shop. Again we queued like almost 3 hours for Dragons Fury because it kept breaking down. It was a disaster for queues. But the main important ride we got on was Bubbleworks, it was our first ride of the day

There’s really not many lost rides at Chessington. Of course Bubbleworks theme is no longer a thing but I absolutely adored the theme so much. It was uplifting and blissful! Dragon Falls I’m forever thankful the ride itself still remains plus I love the theming more now then I did before. Peeking Heights well it was just a standard Ferris wheel nothing too special. Rameses Revenge it was fab but a little too intense for me on certain settings! I never experienced Hocus Pocus on this trip unfortunately!

Bubbleworks, Vampire & Dragons Fury. Those rides always stick with me from the first trip. They filled me with so much joy & bliss it was unbelievable. I adored the Bubbleworks theming and soundtrack so much. Not to forget Dragon Falls, but I’m bias I simply adore log flume of any kind or theme.

My first impressions of Chessington was wow it’s unbearably busy during the school holidays. Since that trip I no longer visit on weekend or in the holidays it has to be off peak. But other than that I thought the park was adorable and almost in a small doses our UK version of Disneyland. The theming has always been so beautiful across the park and the rides always feel at high standard & quality!

When did you first visit Chessington?

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