Are Water Rides Important In Making A Decent Theme Park?

I’m someone who simply adores anything water based within a theme park. Whether that’s a log flume, rapids or boat ride. If it contains water I’m almost guaranteed to love it. But is this key to creating a decent theme park? I’m about to discuss exactly that!

Disclaimer – This is just my opinion & I understand not everyone will agree.

Admittedly my top 5 theme parks all have two or more water based rides. I’m unsure as to whether that’s purpose or not. But if I was to count down my top 10 overall rides I can say probably  my top 5 will be water based. I think I enjoy parks more that offer water rides simply because a lot of my enthusiasm for theme parks stemmed from a boat ride. They are provide something for the entire family to enjoy. They are that one ride which always makes fond memories with those you love.

However I’m not sure it’s the be all and end all for theme parks. I mean Alton Towers is my favourite UK park yet it offers two water based attractions one of which you get drowned on and the other one in the last few years has become rather stale, however improved ALOT for the 2020 season. Then the one paid boat ride which I personally enjoy. Therefore clearly it doesn’t make or break a park along as the other surrounding rides and attractions are strong to hold their own.

Yet places like Disneyland Paris I have so much love for especially their water rides. Yes, there’s no log flume and honestly I see why Paris is bit like us in regards to the weather. Yet Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my all-time favourites.

I feel for me personally boat rides are often a highlight of any theme park trip if the other rides are weak or the boat ride itself is incredibly done. Therefore it doesn’t make or break a theme park for me. It’s simply a preference more than anything.

What’s your thoughts on this topic?

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