What Rollercoaster Lover Are You?

We all have various preferences when it down to what we enjoy on rollercoasters. Today I thought I’d pop together a list of the different types and allow you to figure what type you are! Without further ado let’s get into it!

I am definitely one of these guys. Those people who simply get a kick out of feeling as if they are going to fly out of their seats. This type coaster lover are the ones who can’t get enough airtime & simply adore every coaster which offers an insane amount. We moan over the lack of airtime and rave about the sheer amount.

We all get a rush out of a fast coaster. But some people prefer this type of coaster that offers a higher amount of top speeds to anything else. Often their top 5 will include one or more launch coasters or a coaster which has broke or beating any type of record.

Inversions, there’s so many who prefer coaster types with inversions. They will rave about coasters needing more inversion or simply needing one inversion at least.

Of course nobody likes an extremely brutally rough coaster ride. But these type of people who rant over the smallest head bash and prefer a glass like ride experience.

Opposite to the smoothies types. There’s people who prefer the coaster to be rough as old boots and will often have a rough coaster experience in their top 5. One of which will more than likely be Infusion if your a British enthusiast.

Of course the people who don’t really feel much for bigger rollercoasters will often agree these types of coasters are their perfect match. I get it completely. Plus a credit is a credit to those who love to gain a +1.

There’s an insight to the coaster enthusiast and the varied types of people. Let me know which you reckon is more relatable to you!

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