Trip Report | Chessington Howloween 2019

Our first visit to this event was last season and truthfully we had the best time. So without a question we decided to return this season. We hope you enjoy this blog and we’d love to know your opinions on this event.

Chessington always has a lovely atmosphere and is one of the best consistently themed theme parks we have in the UK. As for Halloween it was decorated beautifully across majority if not all areas. Around the mazes the theming was definitely at its best. But as always Chessington is such a beautiful park to visit.

This is the brand new maze for 2019 so of course we didn’t have any idea what to expect. Once heading into the attraction it’s very clear to see it’s going to be more of a story / interactive experience. Theming within the first room was genuinely beautiful and really added to the storyline. As you continue through the attraction it’s very similar to House of Monsters which used to be located at Alton Towers. It’s the ideal attraction for families with younger children. Personally I’d say the age rating is too high for this attraction at 8+ it’s more of a 4+. For us personally we didn’t necessarily enjoy this attraction given the fact we prefer more “scare” heavy walk throughs. Whereas this was very much a interactive walk through. That alone just isn’t something we enjoy. But we would highly recommend to families and those who enjoy interactive experiences. However for us we definitely prefer last Years maze which was located within this area.

Rating: 2/5

The maze is what pushed me into doing all the mazes I’ve done this season. This was the maze last season which helped me get out of this whole fear of mazes. Honestly this attraction is insane and wouldn’t be out of place at a more extreme Halloween event elsewhere. The grouping this year was a lot larger then last years but we still had a fab experience. Storyline was told perfectly whilst providing scares at the same time. Once heading into the Scare maze section it genuinely is non stop tense atmosphere and jump scares coming from all over. We weren’t brave enough to experience the after dark this year. The finale during the day is insane that last room is easily one of the best finales we’ve encountered all season. It’s the way the actors are all over you and yet you can’t move or do anything as the exit is actually blocked until the actors let’s you out. It’s one of the most intense and Scare heavy endings we’ve encountered yet again. This maze should definitely be higher aged rated in our opinion given just how intense the maze section gets. We adore this maze and hope it returns next season with the after dark so hopefully we’ll be brave enough.

Rating: 4.5/5

As always there’s such a varied Halloween offerings to encounter including shows, trick or treat wood and Scare Mazes. Opening hours in our opinion could be better given during our day of visit it was very busy and it stayed opened until 6pm. Other than that as a Halloween event it’s so perfect for younger aged families with Creepy Caves for the more grown up audience to enjoy and is a lovely little day out. We will definitely be visiting again next season but maybe on quieter day.

Have you visited yet? If so let us know your opinions in the comments.

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