Trip Report | Alton Towers Scarefest 2019

We unfortunately missed out on the opening day of this event but were kindly gifted maze tickets for our planned visit on Saturday. We hope you enjoy this blog and make sure to visit this Scarefest, you won’t be disappointed.

The Alton Towers Dungeons:

Unfortunately during our run through we didn’t see any changes in regards to anything extra for Scarefest. But these are some quality Dungeons and the roaming actors outside was pretty cool. It’s a lovely attraction for families and those who enjoy more humour orientated experiences. The finale is something which never fails to amaze us given the sheer eerie atmosphere and the whole aspect of it. It definitely is worth checking out if you haven’t all season but if your expecting changes, unfortunately we didn’t encounter any.

Rating: 2.5/5


Darkest Depths:

This maze is absolutely beautiful. The theming from the start to finish is consistent and just keeps getting better the more you enter. Our group was relatively small and got separated almost as soon as we entered. Therefore we had so many jump scares and the overall maze is so disorientating with the lighting. The actors were top form and genuinely incredible. We definitely prefer this family maze to House of Monsters in previous years. As for age recommendations it’s very dependent on your child I’d say given it can be fairly intense depending on group batching. Overall it’s one of the best family mazes we’ve encountered and is better some lower ranking mazes across other events.

Rating: 4/5


Altonville Mine Tours

Okay, I was very anxious about this maze mainly because the whole Hill Billy theming isn’t something I’m a fan of. But Maretta was given the miners cap to wear with the torch and definitely had the scariest experience out of the 3 of us. Heading into the first room it was obvious these actors don’t care and are definitely the most insane ones we’ve encountered. I got pushed into the room by the actor from outside. Heading into the main part of the maze itself we instantly got separated from the rest of the group meaning Maretta led the maze. She got dragged through corridors,skin pulled, hair pulled and got the worst scares out of our smaller group. I was at the back which meant I couldn’t see all that much ahead and got some decent scares. However the finale lacked a lot but had so much potential. But as a maze it was fun and really fab but if your towards the back don’t expect too many extreme scares.

Rating; 3/5


Project 42:

It’s been over 4 years since I entered this building during its Sub Terra days , so that was really fun aspect. For some reason we didn’t anticipate much from this maze but was very pleasantly surprised. As heading into the maze itself the scares were so consistent and coming from the places you’d least expect. It’s the only maze this season we’ve headed through flanges and at the other end had an actor waiting for us, which then sent me and Maretta flying back into the flange. We got way to comfortable with nothing happening on the other side from other mazes, that we didn’t expect it at all. The actors were on top form in this maze and really on us creating a beautifully intense experience. There was some foot & leg grabbing which was absolutely terrifying given you didn’t even see the actors. The finale was pretty damn fab as well it definitely had us rushing to get out.

Rating: 4.5/5

The Attic:

Honestly the outdoor queue line for this maze genuinely sets the mood beautifully and you get to see some gorgeous areas of the Towers. Once heading inside the lighting is genuinely stunning and the added touches of theming inside the queue line is next level of beauty and something we haven’t seen much of elsewhere. Okay, so heading into the first room of the maze it’s enviable how incredible the theming is going to be throughout. The story is very easy to follow and understand, the actor in this room told it perfectly. First of all you head up stairs into the maze itself which is very fitting given the name. But the theming is non stop incredible throughout this maze it just doesn’t stop at all. The scares were insane and the intensity was immense, as we were leading the group. The smells were insane and the actors were easily the best we’ve encountered. For us it’s the best maze we’ve done this season so far, it’s genuinely such a beautiful and intense maze. It’s the one we are very excited to experience again next weekend. As for the finale we would love to see something a little more intense if it returns next season.

Rating: 5/5

We adore the Alton Ancestors and always have done since our first visit to Scarefest in 2016. As always they were all so fab and genuinely some of the best roaming actors. Their flash mob is potentially the best we’ve watched over the years with such a wide range of music and decent duration. They are the perfect balance for the family audience.

Towerstreet is genuinely stunning during Scarefest. The decorations and theming is incredibly presented and well lit during the evening. It would be fab to see more Halloween decorations across the entirety of the park. As past Towerstreet it kind of looses the Halloween feeling but in comparison to other years it’s definitely improved. The show which is displayed in the Tower ruins windows and the little ghost nearby Mutiny Bay just adds those extra touches, it’s definitely going in the best direction.

In comparison to last season and the fact we encountered the mazes for the first time, it was 100% the best Scarefest we’ve done. Of course the lack of scare zones around the park does take its toll on the atmosphere. It’s something which we would love to see re-introduced next season for sure. The offering this season was really fab and the acting across them all was top quality and couldn’t be faulted at all. The brand new mazes were both immense with some of the best theming elements we’ve seen ever seen. Alton Towers have done such an incredible job across their mazes and from first timers like us, the bar was set pretty high from the quality of acting, theming and overall experience. If you haven’t checked this years Scarefest line up out, you definitely have to and to book your tickets click here. As for opening hours we respect the fact that it’s open until 9pm but to get in those night rides there isn’t quite enough time. We’d definitely recommend booking your mazes early as possible if you are looking to do night rides as well.

Thank you for reading…


DISCLAIMER: We were gifted our scare mazes & Dungeons tickets, however all opinions are ours and has no influence by Alton Towers.

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