Trip Report | Alton Towers Waterpark – March 2019

Alton Towers Waterpark is one of our favourite attractions outside of theme parks. It’s worth every penny for the entry which is £13 for Passholders & £16 for everyone else. It’s a must visit for us during closed season. There’s so much to do & explore whilst there. The café is also delicious.

A small fault we found during the latest visit was it was very packed. In March last year when we visited it was sold out but as for the capacity it felt comfortable. This time round it must of been sold out to maybe a new capacity or everyone showed up this time maybe, but it was hard to move in some pools. Whilst in the lazy river the amount of people crammed in wasn’t fun. The queues for the slides were long too. We’d recommend heading during an off peak day if your not fussed about the outdoor slides and pools. However we haven’t visited on a Sunday so it may be naturally quieter.

Other than that we often spend roughly 6-7 hours in there on each visit. We can’t get enough of the place. There’s so much to do and a wide range of slides. One slide we aren’t keen on is Master Blaster we find it pretty uncomfortable. We’re unsure as to whether perhaps it was the way we were sitting but the lifts throughout are unpleasant to say the least. However the yellow slide and flash floods are fab! The outdoor ones are probably our personal favourites and the pools are lovely, even during snowy days!

We know some people don’t enjoy slides which is fine. There’s so much elsewhere to do other then them. One of our favourites has to be the lazy river. We spend so long in that little bit. The pool next to the lazy river has blow up balls and hoop. That kills a lot of time when your in a group. One thing we’ve found whilst visiting is everyone is so kind and nice. If you’ve knocked a ball into someone by accident or it’s fell in front of someone they kindly pass it back. We’ve never encountered any rude staff or people within the attraction.

The changing rooms and toilets are unisex which isn’t a problem. It’s easier if your visiting a group to share one locker instead of two. If your planning a visit we’d recommend taking spare 20ps as the lockers aren’t the usual £1 ones. There’s private shower cubicles so you don’t have to shower around others if you don’t enjoy that. There’s several seating and benches around the waterpark which is always great for grabbing a little something to eat or just having a rest.

As you can gather from what we wrote above we personally adore the Waterpark. It’s worth the price and the journey. We live 1 & half hours away and we think it’s worth the distance given how much of a good time we have. It’s something that’s always pencilled into our diary for closed season. We’d highly recommend checking it out if you enjoy this type of thing.

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