Theme Parks We Hope To Visit This Decade… Part One

Admittedly the decade definitely hasn’t got of to the best of starts with little to no theme park trips occurring. But I thought I’d sit and talk about the parks I’d love to visit this decade or at least hope to. Where would you like to visit this decade? I’d love to hear your bucket list parks.

Walt Disney World:

📸: Walt Disney World Website

This is currently a trip that’s in its planning stages for us. We are looking to hopefully visit in 2022 if all goes to plan and we manage to save enough. I feel as a Disney lover that I am it’s without a doubt a bucket list park. It has been since I was really young. Something we are looking forward to seen is the difference between DLP and WDW rides. Plus loads of new ride themes and types.

Walibi Holland:

Over the last year this park has slowly creeped up to been a major bucket list park. One coaster which always springs to mind when I think of this place is Untamed. The opening of that rollercoaster is the main reason this has become a must visit park for us.

📸: Walibi Holland Facebook


📸: Phantasialand Website

I mean there’s not much to say other then I think we all know how fab this park looks right?


Honestly we were meant to be visiting next weekend which makes us both so sad. So it’s now into this list unfortunately for us. Helix and Balder are huge bucket list rollercoasters for us.

📸: Liseberg Website

There’s just a few parks we hope to visit this decade, I’ll probably share a part two in the coming days.

Thank you for reading…

One thought on “Theme Parks We Hope To Visit This Decade… Part One

  1. My bucket list parks :
    Silver Dollar City
    Lotte World
    Walt Disney World (still can’t believe I have not been)
    And I was supposed to go to California this Thursday to tick of some bucket list parks that’s now next year!
    Fingers crossed we can visit parks soon

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