Trip Report | Blackpool Madame Tussauds – March 2019

Last May we shared a review from Madame Tussuads at the time however there’s since been some changes. This is one aspect of the attraction we quite love is the frequent changes and it’s rare to visit within a year and it been the exact same. We’ll leave the link to the previous review blog here & we hope you enjoy.

Small Changes:

As always there’s very minor changes like change in clothing of selected waxworks & change in location for a few. It’s very rare that we’ve visited and everything has been exact same within a year. We find it keeps the attraction really fresh and enjoyable not knowing what will have changed.

Doctor Who:

This is one of the bigger changes we’ve seen alongside the Marvel section over the past year. It’s a free addition exactly the same as the marvel section which alone is great. For us we found the area didn’t seem quite completed as such once passing the main scene. It’s heavily themed which gives a real atmosphere alongside the audio. As for the main scene it’s the doctor & tardis. The light comes on and there’s audio from the doctor that’s all it is within the set piece. However the amount of attention to detail is what makes it all that better. Once heading out of there into the next room it’s full of props mainly clothing pieces from across various doctor who scenes. This is the part which feels pretty incomplete given it doesn’t blend it greatly with the intentional theming and attention to detail. Sadly that smaller room prior to the escalator to I’m A Celeb part lets it down a bit.


As we’ve said before in our first review blog this attraction is one of our favourites from Blackpool alongside the Tower. There’s always something changing or new inside which keeps it worth visiting. If your a merlin annual pass holder it’s free entry which alone is even more worth the visit. We probably won’t visit again until a lot later in the year or potentially next year now. It’s a review blog which will keep coming each time we visit and something changes. We’d highly recommend checking it out whilst in Blackpool or near by its worth a visit for sure. Let us know your thoughts on the attraction below in the comments or across our socials.

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