Scare Review | Xtreme Scream Park – 2021 *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

So, last Friday night saw our Halloween season shenanigans commence! Our first trip was to one of our local scream parks and by the title, you’ll know it’s Xtreme Scream Park. Here are my opinions on the mazes and the overall event. This may contain spoilers from here onwards, so if you don’t want to know anything then stop reading from this point.

Rating: 2/5

Let’s begin with the newest of the mazes which were of course Ashes to Earth. We headed into the maze almost blind like and unaware as to what to expect in all honesty, I am still unaware of the storyline is. Upon entering the queue line we were around 10 minutes early as the mazes don’t open until 7 pm. During the wait, an the actor was pacing back & forth enlightening the queue on some of the stories from the maze with us and outlining the tone for what this maze was about. As you enter the maze you are handed a package that is needed to be passed over to the first actor inside you encounter. The inside sections of the maze was fun but there weren’t much scaring happening. When you fled the indoor section you headed onto the caravan which was a personal highlight for me. It was just hilarious the way it rocked back and forth like I couldn’t hold my giggles in from it at all. The outdoor section again lacked a lot and had huge potential for scares too.  The audio throughout got the atmosphere beautifully you just felt so on unnerved all the way around yet truly nothing actually happened for us anyway. Heading back into another indoor section before going outside not much improved. The finale was fun but we got to it at a strange time  as the actor was heading back the opposite way to us for the next group so we didn’t get the favourable finale. Overall I can see what they were heading for but it was the weakest maze of the evening, unfortunately.

Rating: 4/5

Another new addition to the lineup was a really fun but short scare zone. The actors in here were fab and enhanced the attraction to make it remarkable in my opinion. The duration was extremely short during our first walk-through however the second time we ended up getting so lost it took us around 10 minutes to get out haha. But the theming was stunning but perhaps not the best I have seen of this theme but when I say the actors made it they really did. They had such screaming from jump scares but also wetting ourselves laughing especially when one of them decided to try and chat up Ants mum and chased her off. All in all, this is a fab extension to the lineup and I’d love to see it developed on even more for next year as there is so much capability to be carried out with this.

Rating 5/5

A standout maze of the evening for us and worlds apart from our first occurrence back in 2019. It was everything we had dreamed it to be initially. The scares were so steady yet always startling in this maze for us. The use of animatronics just amplified the experience entirely. Not to forget the absolute vile smells as well. I’m sure I can still smell it now in all honesty haha. The actors were absurd during this maze and they were able to touch you just made it even better. We had to slow down occasionally to avoid catching the group ahead of us up but the actors assisted with this and remained in character until we were able to lose them again. There were so many highlights to discuss but to praise a few of the fab things in this maze were strobe lighting, animatronics especially towards the finale and the actors who were insane. Easily my new favourite maze at Xtreme Scream!

Rating 3.5/5

Back in 2019, this was my favourite maze of them all but this year it just didn’t do much for me. I found it somewhat tame in comparison to before which makes me sad to even say. It felt a lot shorter than how it was before but I am uncertain if it was or whether we might have been walking a little quickly. The theming was brilliant. The highlight section of the maze for me was the school midway through. These were some of the greatest jump scares we had. Upon entering the finale it was brutal as always like it’s never nice walking through that church. However, I found there weren’t many actors in the room unlike before. Then the actual finale room had nothing happening inside the whole room was just calm and there wasn’t even one jump scare we just walked out like normal. Whereas in 2019 the final room after the church was crammed with activity and actors terrorising us as we left the maze. It’s still a good maze with some of the best set-pieces and theming yet it just didn’t do it for me how it did before.

Rating 3/5

I left this maze feeling so dissatisfied with the not so great run-through we had. I was towards the back of our group and certainly was the worst  place to be. The theming and atmosphere throughout was brilliant I love that tense music all the way throughout. But where I was in the group meant I watched all the scares happen to everyone before me and when it came down to me there non-existent. It was worlds apart from how I found it the first year. The length of the maze is the core reason why I am ranking it around this because it does feel as if you will break out and be stuck in it forever.

Rating 4.5/5:

A new-for-us maze this year after we never visited last season. This maze was striking from start to finish with some clever scares. It seemed a lot shorter in comparison to Stilton Hall Hotel & Spa I believe there was a reasonable piece that ain’t getting used for this new theme. But nevertheless, it was effortlessly decent and a fair few scares were from animatronics rather than actors I found. Yet every actor we met was brilliant anyway. There is not much to talk about with this maze as it was somewhat similar to its previous theme and beautifully put together. I would have cared for to see it last a little longer but that’s one slight negative really.

Rating: 4.5/5

Our first ever hooded maze and was a lot more bearable than I had ever perceived it to be. For me, I anticipated the hooded section to be a lot more powerful than it was. I was so observant on following the rope that I did not even find anything scary in this section and trust me the actors were striving so hard and I felt horrible but I just couldn’t concentrate on the scares and follow the rope at once. Once the hood got removed is when the maze reached its peak in my opinion. The set pieces and theming were impressive. I had some of the biggest scares of the night in this maze and one of which almost sent me on my bum. I was in utter astonishment over how beautifully produced it was from start to finish. The trommel tunnel was insanely trippy especially when you’re trying to get through it and away from the actor awaiting you at the end. It was a tremendous fun and it has loosened my mind to encountering further hooded mazes in the future.

We managed to catch a lot of interaction with the roaming team and a lot more than in previous years. One of my personal favourites was the roaming ghosts they were gleeful we adored hearing their own little stories on how they had died. We had so much for them especially the one who got killed his gal’s horns haha. We managed to catch one of the shows on the little stage within the courtyard bit which wasn’t what we hoped we thought it was going to be a live band but it turned out to be a pole dancer to our surprise haha. I personally don’t comprehend the line why there is much of a need for Halloween to be so sexualised without sounding like a boring bitch. But fair play to them they were fab at what they were doing but it was just not the kind of entertainment I’d personally sit and watch again. But overall it was so much fun having such a brilliant roaming team, they really did add the icing to the cake for us.

It was the precise way to kickstart our Halloween season and we had the best night too. Our evening was filled with laughter and screams and that is exactly all you ask from this kind of event. It was worth every penny which we paid for that night and we managed to get our tickets in the early bird sale. It’s a must return to next year for us and it’ll always be a staple in our diary. Although some of the mazes I once adored aren’t as loved anymore for me it did not take away from the evening at all. The team and actors have all accomplished an exceptional job and should be super proud of themselves.

Have you or are you planning to visit Xtreme Scream Park this season? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you so much for reading as always and we’ll be back on Thursday with a blog post from Journey to Hell at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


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