Trip Report | Drayton Manor – September 2021

On Sunday we headed to Drayton Manor for the first time in a year, safe to say we won’t be leaving it so long next time. It was tremendous to be back at the park and the atmosphere felt worlds apart from last season too. Here’s how our day went.

Getting In / Park Opening Hours/ Parking:

Drayton previously opened an hour ahead to ride openings however that has since altered. So, when the park opens the rides do too. Getting into the park was pleasant and easy, we arrived a little later than the actual opening, however, but we walked straight in. The park shuts at 5 pm which is a reasonable closing time. The parking cost £6 which can be paid at the machines spread across the park or contactless at the barriers themself.

The Zoo:

Upon entering the park we headed straight into the park and found a quiet little bench to sit and eat our lunch. The Zoo was looking well, so many differences such as the brand new Meerkat enclosure where it is a lot easier to see them in comparison to the old. That’s just one thing to name out of a few. It’s always a beautiful half hour or hour when strolling through the zoo and noticing how there are continual improvements arising.

Adventure Cove:

The brand new themed area for 2021 is Adventure Cove and it is lovely to see how the park has evolved yet so bizarre when you have been so used to it previously. If this is an understanding into what is to come for the park then I think the future is incredibly sharp. I will upload a full review in the coming days.

The Rides:

As always it’s a joy to ride some of the classic rides and just be amongst them too. It’s nice to see everything looking so good. Shockwave was riding great as well. The park was flourishing during our visit so we didn’t manage to get on much were so happy just to be there.

Food & Drinks:

I have always found Drayton Manor to have the best food options and quality in the UK. During our visit, we didn’t eat at the park but did notice there were so many new foods we are eager to try when we return! We did purchase a medium Tango Ice Blast for only £3.45 which was fab.


The atmosphere was wonderful and cheerful as it usually is. But it did feel worlds apart from our last trip it felt like a whole different place really. The roaming entertainment amongst Adventure Cove is fab and it was precious to see so many enjoying that extra bit of entertainment too.


We had a lovely day out and it was so charming to return to somewhere that feels like home to us. Drayton Manor has always held a special place in our hearts and after all, it is our home park, so it was great to just be there. It’s nice to see the park heading in what I feel is a remarkable direction with the improvements made for this year. I left Drayton Manor nothing but interest as to what is to come in the next few years.

If you haven’t headed to the park already this season, we can’t recommend doing so enough! You can purchase your tickets HERE

Thank you so much for reading! My Adventure Cove review will be online shortly.


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