Area Review | The World of David Williams – Alton Towers New for 2021

An area I have been excited to experience since the announcement all those moons ago and the day finally came to step foot in and experience it all for ourselves. It’s hard not to feel a sensation of joy of simply being able to walk into this area after those construction boards keeping it all undercover from us for the past year or so. I almost felt overwhelmed by it. I have always been so hyped when it came down to this project as I have always expressed the desire to see that area get a new overhaul and lift and it finally happened and here is exactly what I thought!

I love the entrance so much as it sets you up to know what to anticipate once you’re fully inside the area itself. In regards to theming amongst the area, it is mainly based upon building repaints and subtle areas of theming in all honesty. There is nothing too phenomenal to pinpoint but that’s not to say it isn’t a well-done area. You are quite literally transformed into the land of David Walliams and it works incredibly well. Everything ties together nicely and I do feel as if there could be a part two-phase of this area in the nearby future, but I, of course, could be wrong, it feels complete for now but certainly not forever.

The ride selection is family orientated as expected. Two of the previous rides have received a simple re-theme and re-location to suit the area. The Royal Carousel looks elegant and suits its new location well actually, quite the snug fit. I love the fact the formerly known Frog Hopper has survived but in a new location and now known as Raj’s Bouncy Bottom Burp and acquired a makeover to suit its new theme, not to forget the farts upon bouncing. The newest addition aside from the main attraction itself is Flavio’s Fabulous Fandango which is a mouthful to say but is a sizzler style ride that is fun for everyone which is nice. Of course, the main attraction itself, Gangsta Granny is lush and I’ll drop my full review link HERE.

The ride selection is fab as there is something for everyone to enjoy. I do think the use of the past 4D cinema building would just finalize the area beautifully. As the building has received a makeover to make it suit the area it has also, in my opinion drew attention to the huge space that is not in use from an enthusiast point of view but if you didn’t know that building was once homed to an attraction I ain’t entirely sure you’d notice.

Oh, I adore the audio so much. It is so upbeat and happy and it is just what Alton Towers needed to provide that break from the fellow spooky-themed attractions nearby. In all honesty, I feel the vibe on peak or at least on busier days than when we visited would be buzzing within the area. However, on quieter days it is quite obviously missing people to help provide that atmosphere it has. The audio fills the area with such good vibes regardless.

The roaming actors and actresses really do make the area in my opinion. They keep the story pumping throughout, without even needing to touch any ride to understand what the area is about. I loved how interactive they were and how they included you in the storyline as well. I assume there is some sort of flash mob that might happen within the area too from the videos I watched prior to our visit, unfortunately, we never experienced anything of the kind during our visit but where The Royal Carousel used to be located there is a different style of flooring in comparison to elsewhere where it seemed the roaming guards gathered during opening day. I could be wrong but I think it’ll be something we’d see in the future for sure, perhaps post COVID times.

The area does what it is set to do and does it well. However, it just doesn’t feel quite finished for the future but feels semi-complete for now, if that makes sense? I am convinced the 4D cinema was meant to open with the area but I can’t find this information anywhere so it must of being a dream. But I do think there will be a phase 2 of the area in the nearby future which will incorporate the former theatre/4D cinema building and also Cuckoo Cars too. There is a sense of temporary with the newest flat ride to the area as a potential filler attraction for the time being. Cuckoo Cars doesn’t really impact the area or theming in the slightest and could easily get away with remaining in the same place for the future. However, those niggles and impressions aside I think the area is fab. It’s just lovely to see the area brought back to some form of life again and have positive energy amongst it. It has also made that area of Alton Towers feel homely again and just all-around fun. I am so happy to see and experience this area and already excited to return!

Have you experienced the area yet? If so what’re your thoughts?

Thanks for reading and speak again soon!

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