All About Lego Mythica: World of Mythical Creatures at Legoland Windsor

If you don’t already know Legoland Windsor is set to unveil their brand new area known as Lego Mythica: World of Mythical Creatures on May the 29th. Legoland has released the first look at the latest edition for the park and I’m going to share with you guys all about exactly that! Will you be checking out this brand new area once it opens in May?

All information shared within this blog post has been provided to us via the press release regarding the new area.

Flight of the Sky Lion:

The UKs first flying theatre is set to open at Legoland Windsor this year. This ride stands at 25m tall and has a gorgeous exterior too. Flight of the Sky Lion is a 4D experience that includes special effects such as wind, mist and scents whilst immersing yourself within the world of Lego Mythica. This experience is aimed at both children and adults.

📸: Legoland Windsor

Fire & Ice Freefall:

The latest reveal has given an insight into the Fire & Ice Freefall that stands at 13m tall (equivalent to 325 Lego Minifigures). This drop ride is defended by a guardian known as Crystal Flame.

📸: Legoland Windsor

Hydra’s Challenge:

As the weather begins to get warmer and the sunshine is making an appearance even more often it’s perfect timing to the fact Hydra’s Challenge is also set to open on the 29th of May. This ride is protected by another guardian known as Duo. Prepare to steer your own vessel!

📸: Legoland Windsor


In the recent sneak peek offered by Legoland they have also shared the welcoming and beautiful new entrance into the area as well as various models that can be found throughout!

📸: Legoland Windsor

Do you have your visit booked to experience this brand new exciting area? I’d love to hear your thoughts on all that has been shared in the past few days!

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