Top 9 Tips For Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Turns out you guys loved our Alton Towers Top 8 Tips blog. So we’ve decided to share another top tips blog this time for the lovely Pleasure Beach.

Non Wheel Seats for Woodies:

For the best possible ride we’d recommend trying to sit away from the wheels on the wooden coasters. Wheel seats are usually the most painful & roughest rides. Admittedly Blue Flyer & Nick Streak doesn’t usually matter all that much unlike National & Dipper. But we’d definitely recommend trying your best for non wheel seats for both National & Dipper.

Low Capacity Rides First:

If you wanna get all if not majority of the rides & coasters done within your visit. We’d highly recommend going to the lower capacity rides at the start of the day. As usually everybody else will head to the likes of Icon & Big One which their throughputs are usually pretty decent. Whereas Nickelodeon Streak, Avalanche, Ice Blast & occasionally Infusion will be very quiet at the start of your day but a lot busier later on. By time you finish those lower throughput rides the others will no doubt be quieter.

Arrive Early to Bag a Free Parking Space:

This is extremely helpful for those who stay locally as it saves a fortune in parking. We always arrive real early to ensure we get a street parking space for free. If you arrive anywhere past 9 it’ll be a lot more difficult then if you arrive earlier. However if you don’t mind paying for parking we’d highly recommend the car park opposite Pleasure beach on the sea front. It’s one of the cheaper car parks for the day or even longer. But if your like us and prefer to save those pennies, the street next to the Travelodge is free to park on but of course there is some double yellows so just be mindful. However if you get there early enough you’ll no doubt get a space. But if you don’t and are staying nearby we’d recommend paying for only 8 hours roughly then moving your car once the Pleasure Beach closes.

Go Outside The Park For Food:

If you don’t fancy paying the prices on park for lunch we’d recommend heading down the road to Velvet Coaster which is just a whetherspoons. It honestly does save a lot of money. However passholders don’t forget you get discount but check the t&cs as not everywhere offers the discounts.

Don’t Be Fooled By Icons Queue;

Icons queue on more busier days may look really long but it goes down so much quicker then you’d expect. The amount of time we’ve queued from outside the queue pen and it’s been maximum of 20 minute queue. So if it looks like long don’t worry it’s more than like less than half hour.

Best Rows For Coasters;

To get the best rides out of the coasters we’d highly recommend heading towards the front of Infusion. Non wheel seats like said above for the wooden coasters. The Big One usually doesn’t matter all that much really however we do enjoy the rows nearer to the front.

Speedy Pass:

We’d highly recommend mainly during the 10-10 days & summer holidays purchasing a speedy pass. Although if you don’t mind queuing then we’d recommend saving your money but if you don’t visit often & wish to get as much done as possible look at the speedy pass. I’d highly recommend you purchasing the speedy pass even the cheapest option which is the virtual queue system. You can physically queue for another ride whilst waiting for the speedy pass to queue for your chosen ride. Those who don’t mind spending a little extra then definitely look at the more expensive ones as it reduces your queue times by 50% and more. We’d definitely recommend checking out our review blog and ensuring your fully aware of the rides available prior to purchasing.

Student Discounts / Book In Advance for best prices:

Uni / college students if you purchase the NUS card you’ll receive discounted wristbands along with discounts on park similar to the season pass. However if your not a student but know your planning to visit we’d highly recommend booking 7+ days in advance for the best price. Pleasure Beach have recently released tickets which include your wristbands, all can eat & drink. They are definitely fairly priced considering but sharing is not permitted. We’ll leave a link here to book any upcoming tickets.

Information Desk for Season Passholders

If your a season pass holder you don’t have to queue in the mayhem of the box office instead go to car park side and to the information desk. You can collect your wristbands and passes. It’s a much easier option and saves a lot of time.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog & it’s help a few people at least. If you haven’t checked out our Alton Towers version then we’ll leave a link here. Let us know if your tips & tricks below or across our socials.

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