Welcome To My Etsy Shop – Blossom Tree Artwork:

As you’ve read from the title of this blog post I have created my own little Etsy shop & called it Blossom Tree Artwork! Although I was incredibly anxious about sharing this news, there’s a huge excitement inside of me about finally gathering the courage together to do so. It’s always been a dream to start up a little business adventure! So here’s more information regarding my shop!

What Does My Shop Sell?

I’ve found a new passion & love for drawing since lockdown 3. Therefore I thought I’d share this passion into some physical copies for others to enjoy. In the coming months you can expect Animal Crossing, Disney & Themed Attraction artwork put into prints. I already have 5 items listed ready for pre -order!

What/Who Inspired You?

Honestly, I have always loved buying and supporting those around with me who artistically talented. So I took inspiration to attempt some drawings myself and kept on pushing myself to further challenges to sit at the point I’m at now. I use drawing as my escapism away as well as blogging to pass time by during this lockdown but also to allow my mind to be distracted from my mental health struggles.

Pricing & Sizes:

At the moment I am offering 7×5” for £5 with £1 P&P. The more sizes I order the more the prices will vary. Within the next month I will be investing in A5 prints as well as maybe A4/A3.

Why Did I Choose “Blossom Tree Artwork” As My Shop Name?

After many names been chucked into the mix I finally settled for Blossom Tree Artwork. I feel it’s a nice neutral name to suit all areas I intend to cover within my artwork & it also connects back to Icon and it’s Cherry Blossom Trees!

What Items Will You Be Releasing?

In the coming weeks, I intend to have a larger quantity of stock available for the current products I have listed. But I also, intend to release more rollercoaster related prints as well as Disney & ACNH.

When Will Your Products Be In Stock?

I have put the 12th February across all items to over compensate for my prints to arrive. However I do believe it could be sooner, once it arrives I will be dispatching straight away.

What I Hope To Achieve?

Honestly I love drawing and being creative it’s a passion of mine that I would love to turn into a small business. Of course, I never started this shop up with any expectations of x amount of orders. However, it’s always been a dream to start up my shop yet I’ve never been confident enough to do so before. But 2021 is my year and I will push myself to achieve those goals I never once believed I could achieve.

I hope that covers all areas, please feel free to ask for more information if required!

Blossom Tree Artwork Store

Thank you for reading & for all of your support!

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