Let’s Talk: Our Favourite Dark Rides

The final blog from our let’s talk Dark Rides series and it’s all about our personal favourites. There will be more to come based around different areas and rides / coasters. As always these are our own opinions and by all means not facts. We hope you enjoy this blog & as always we’d love to know your favourites below or across our socials.

Wallace & Gromit Thrill’o’ Matic at Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

I remember younger me riding the Gold Mine and been far from in love with it minus the interaction with River Caves. So the Wallace & Gromit replacement was literally my ultimate love & still is. It’s one of the best dark rides for sure within the UK. Decent length and incredibly themed it’s very rare you’ll ever see it in a bad condition as well. It’s a dark ride we both literally adore and can’t help but ride a lot of during our visits. In our opinion it couldn’t be anymore suited to Blackpool even if it tried. It brought a whole new lease of life to an old ride and is perfectly done. We do adore Wallace & Gromit as well and think the ride does it so much justice and there’s nothing we’d change!

Duel at Alton Towers:

Honestly we have a huge soft spot for Duel even if it’s not the fanciest of rides. We can’t help but adore it and again like W&G we can’t help but ride it a lot. There’s no denying it looks pretty naff in some areas and perhaps could do with some real TLC. Saying that though the spider scene is looking absolutely fab this season minus a couple of broken animatronics. Duel is a real gem for Alton Towers in our opinion and the amount of walking that gets done it’s the ideal sit down & relax ride.

Gruffalo River Ride Adventure at Chessington World of Adventures:

There’s no denying we adored Bubbleworks and when the announcement of the replacement came around we really wasn’t sure about it. It was more the case of will it be too childish that we wouldn’t enjoy it the same way we enjoyed bubbleworks. We headed their with a complete open mind and was blown away by the improvements made. The entire station looks stunning and the whole ride exceeded our expectations completely. We literally love this dark boat ride and have so many funny memories from it too. It was lovely to see the iconic fountains still been used even if not all of them are. The theming was a main aspect of the ride which surprised us the most it truly is beautiful addition to Chessington and fits the park perfectly.

Ninjago at LEGOLAND Windsor:

Truthfully we haven’t experienced another dark ride quite like it yet. We are completely in love with the screens and effects really does make this a fab unique ride. We’ve never done anything of the kind like mentioned above but certainly want to do more of this kind. There’s no denying how much we adore this little dark ride.

The Haunting at Drayton Manor:

This dark ride is easily one of the best madhouses in our opinion. It’s smaller scale of the likes of Hex yet it’s really well themed and by far not spoken about enough. After the intentional refurbishment a few years back it helped us fall in love with it. The use of effects throughout is pretty fab. Drayton Manor know exactly how to do theming and The Haunting is the perfect example of that to. We love how short but straight to the point this ride is. We are yet to experience it since the updates for the 2019 season once we do there’ll be a full in depth review to come.

Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

This in our opinion is the ultimate dark water ride. There’s no denying how wet you get is quite ridiculous and Blackpool isn’t the warmest of places for sure. But when it’s running well it’s worth getting soaked because it’s absolutely amazing. It’s takes the standard water ride to a whole new level & experience. The soundtrack is pretty awesome there’s no denying it. Whenever we hear it we instantly want to have a cheeky ride no matter the weather. It has to be the best dark ride in the world mainly through the amount of theming & effects. During those summer months it’s real hard to not just ride Valhalla & Valhalla only given just how fab it is. The pure length of the ride also adds to the experience and love for us. We adore Valhalla & cant get over how lucky we are to have this ride within the UK.

We’d love to know your favourite dark rides below or across our socials. We hope you’ve enjoyed and thank you so much for reading it.

We’ll speak again soon…

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  1. So nice to see someone speaking positively about Duel! I love that ride and think people are way too harsh on it which is totally undeserved. It could do with some TLC but it is no where near as bad as some people would make you think!

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