Trip Report | Howl’O’Ween Chessington World of Adventures 2020:

Yesterday was our final Halloween event of 2020 & also our first & the last visit to Chessington for this season. Here’s how our day went & a chat about all the spooky offerings available.

I know a lot of you guys would of clicked on here to read our thoughts on Creepy Caves. Therefore let’s have a chat about this maze. Every year since 2018 we’ve experienced Creepy Caves & every year the anxiety I feel about heading inside grows. This year was definitely no different for me. This maze has always been one of those which can easily be overlooked as it’s located at a family park & got an age rating of 10+. Therefore that already sets you up for lower expectations. However this years changes have blown everything I thought I knew about Creepy Caves out of the water. It has to be the mazes best year so far. There was theming absolutely everywhere, insanely fab actors as always & the audio was immense. We’ve had some of the best jump scares this entire season in here. The finale is outstanding they’ve even managed to top the previous finale somehow. This maze just never disappoints & always keeps giving. I can’t praise it enough & hope next year is exactly the same as this years. Outstanding job by all the team & actors yet again. If you haven’t done this maze yet you definitely have to check it out next year because you won’t be disappointed.

We didn’t manage to catch all the live rides & queue lines. However did manage to catch a bit of the actors around Vampire who were fab. It just feels as if they’ve brought the rides to live. But a stand out ride for us was Tomb Blaster. We were greeted by the actors and interacted with until we were out of sight. It’s this small touch which adds this to be one of the best events this year for us. It just feels the park has thought so much into how to make this event the best it can be & they’ve done an incredible job at it too.

In previous years this exact location has been used for similar style attractions except it had live actors inside. This year there was no actors but it definitely didn’t need them in my opinion. It was a lovely stroll through some well themed woods. The audio told a story which was super easy to follow. All told it was a lovely family attraction and best of all it was free.

As always Chessington done an incredible job at making the entire park spooky-themed & atmospheric. Even the tiniest of details in some areas went a long way. The atmosphere is always so lovely at Chessington as it is but even more so during this kind of event. We did notice on the likes of Zufari it seemed to have an Halloween overlay of audio or at least we think it did which was fab. All told yet again another beautiful event by the park.

First time this season we’ve managed to get some dark rides in. We managed to hop of Vampire, Tiger Rock & Dragons Fury. All of which were fab. Plus Dragons Fury felt a tad wild yesterday the spins were non stop & fast. It was glorious but vile. We also managed to grab a cheeky ride on Tomb Blaster just before the end of the day. That’s an entire blog post in itself really.

We had an incredible time yesterday & thoroughly enjoyed the event. As always it was really well put together & thought of in regards to the whole COVID situation. The park & all teams involved have done an outstanding job & we can’t wait for next years event.

Did you manage to visit Chessington for Halloween? If so let us know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading…

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