My Top 7 Scare Mazes of 2020

It’s Halloween & I couldn’t resist sharing a blog post regarding the 2020 Halloween season today. Of course, this years spooky season is a lot different to usual years. Mazes have seen plenty of changes, reimagining and a lot differences to what you’d usually see & experience. With all that in mind and the current pandemic, I think each event has done an incredible job at bringing us a spooky season.

Every maze this year so far has been fab in their own ways & showed us how fab the teams are at adapting to the current circumstances. I can’t praise each event & their team enough, so a massive shout out & thank you to you guys for still giving us the chance to experience your attractions. Without further ado then let’s get into this post & have a chin wag about 2020s scare mazes. I also want to point out regardless of the ranking of the mazes none of these has been bad, it’s just which I preferred more.

7) Platform 15:

Last year I was highly disappointed by this maze, I found it more of a stroll around the edge of the park. Minimum scares throughout it felt like it lacked a lot. However this year the switched up route has made this maze. The actors were incredible. I had one of the best jumps so far in this maze, it got me so bad I almost fell on my ass. This maze now is insanely fab. Also, the finale is much better than last years. Genuinely can’t praise the actors in this maze enough they did an incredible job. Whenever we stopped to lose the group ahead the actors made us we still had an intense experience.

6) Disturbiam:

I heard some terrifying stuff about this maze before heading in, I was extremely nervous, to say the least. However, I found it good & enjoyable, a tad bit tense. But the theming for me made this maze. The way you genuinely feel as if your walking through a hospital is traumatic in itself. The few actors we encountered were fab too. Plus this had one of the best distraction scares we’ve had this year in a maze. If this maze was a few minutes longer it could have easily been the most intense maze experience this year. It almost too short for me but I can’t deny the theming was some of the best I’ve seen this Halloween. A very atmospheric experience all told with an incredible strobe room.

📸: Fantasy Island

5) Darkest Depths:

This maze is everything. It also offers everything too. The smells, audio, theming, lighting & acting are perfect. I mean the smells aren’t the prettiest of course. But it just all adds up to one completely perfect experience. I feel the first run through we fell quite lucky with how intense we had it but second time felt more family orientated. Regardless of the scare levels it genuinely is one of the most atmospheric mazes we’ve ever done.

3) Altonville Mine Tours:

Last year I never rated this maze. I found very meh in comparison to the others on offer. However, I headed in with an open mind as you never get the same experience twice. Turns out we had an insane season with this maze. The actors were mental inside here and genuinely made the experience insanely intense. Although I missed the touching aspect of the maze it was still absolutely insane.

2) The Attic:

The Attic was stunning last season so I already had high hopes. It sure lived up to them. I had one of the most traumatic & scariest run-throughs of any maze so far this year during our evening at Towers. The encounter with the doll & demon was the first time I came out unsure whether I could manage any more mazes. It genuinely scared the living daylights out of me. But besides that, we had 3 run-throughs of this maze each of them was fab.

1) The Freakshow Toxic Junkyard

When this maze got announced I never felt excitement quite like it. I’ve wanted to see this theme return ever since it left the park during its scare zone days. It was a highlight of the first few years of visiting Scarefest for us both. The hype I felt about this maze was somehow exceeded. I never anticipated the love I would feel for this maze. Everywhere you looked inside the maze was themed to some sort of degree. There were so many nods to the lost rides & attractions. The actors were constantly on top form during all 5 run-throughs. If you needed to stop to lose the group ahead the actor ensured you were been entertained and getting the best experience. Outstanding maze which I hope returns for many more seasons to come.

What’s your stand out maze for this years Halloween? Let us know in the comments or across our social media.

Thank you for reading as always!

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