Final Visit To Alton Towers Scarefest 2020.

Wow, what a year it has been for Scarefest. With all the current situations we never anticipated one visit let alone 3 all told. Each visit has been absolutely outstanding and thoroughly enjoyable. Of course with any scare maze, each run-through can be very different from the previous. Therefore here’s our final chat and review about the 2020 maze line up. Have you visited yet? What’s your favourite maze?

Of course, this event has not ended yet. Final day to visit for Scarefest is the 1st of November.

This maze is gorgeous all the way through. The theming smells & sounds all combined to create the ultimate experience. As for scares, I feel it’s been hit & miss in regards to how tame it is. Our first run through was a full batch of adults and it was very jumpy. Second, run-through had children in the same batching group as us & it was a lot tame. But it doesn’t take away the fact it’s an incredible experience altogether. Plus we’re huge fans of its new locations and hope it returns for another year next season.

I would have given this 5 going by last Friday nights run through. However, during our final experience, we had a minor batching issue. The actor broke character and casually was like oh stand here please there you go. Like we’ve had this issue a couple of times and each actor usually doesn’t break character. So that’s the only thing to knock this maze down in our ratings. But again another stunning maze. There’s so much going on with the creepy curtain doorways next to you etc. The actors overall are insane in this maze. Again it’s another one we’d love to see a return for next year.

If you don’t bop and sing to this audio are you even doing it right? It’s a classic & it’s become a little bit of a staple. We’ve had some insane run-throughs this year. But still, I can’t say it’s compared to The Attic as such. We’ve had really good jumps no taking that away. Yet we’d easily see another maze take its place in the coming Scarefest season. But again I can’t deny it’s a lot of fun & beautifully done.

I’d go as far as to say this is probably my all-time favourite scare maze. There’s so much to this maze which has made us both fall in love. The attention to detail on theming like there’s nowhere in this maze you can look which doesn’t have something themed to it. The several Easter eggs throughout to former attractions & rides. Again that alone is a huge win for us nerds! Not to forget the insanely talented and freaky actors show-stopping acting in this maze. It all works so well to create such an iconic and loveable maze. Of course, I can’t ignore the insane audio. Even my mum wouldn’t stop talking about the audio to this maze. Genuinely hope we have this maze for many years to come.

In terms of COVID, I can not fault Alton Towers at all. The amount of effort they’ve put in into making this event happen & safe is outstanding. The staff are constantly ensuring social distancing & everyone’s safety. I’ve always felt extremely safe at this event. In terms of the offering, I think it was good but would love to see a scare zone introduced maybe towards Forbidden Valley. The atmosphere thrives across tower street & the lawns. Yet elsewhere you’d not know Scarefest was happening almost. The mazes this year was easily some of the best they’ve been. All told Scarefest is a must-visit as always. This year has been our favourite so far.

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