What If Creek Freak Unchained Becomes Part Of The Maze In 2021? – Thorpe Park Fright Nights

I’ll be honest I’m slightly in love with this scare zone. It genuinely is one of my highlights of this Halloween so far. I could not believe how beautifully done it was and how it felt more of a maze than zone. I’ve reviewed the entire event fully a few blogs back but I’ll pop a link HERE in case you missed it. But let’s have a chat about something I’d love to see next year.

Okay, I can’t help but wish this scare zone returns for 2021. However, I’d love to see it incorporated into the scare maze itself. Even if this meant we had one less scare maze for the sake of the actors filling the outdoor scare zone area. I wouldn’t be mad at it! I have a few different ideas on how it could work but as always I ain’t saying this is just an idea.

Part Scare Zone/Maze:

The first idea is to intertwine the scare maze & zone together. But have a halfway point so those who just wanted to experience the zone can exit without having to do the maze. So I’m talking an actor at the front of the entrance to maze in character to show those who want more which way to enter and those want to exit where to exit. I think it would work well, of course, set up a queue line or have a maximum capacity for how many entries at once to ensure everyone has a decent experience.

Lengthy Maze:

So you start at the current starting point and keep everything the same as this year. But where the queue line usually starts have that part of the maze. So have actors where they can be located to keep up the theming & scares. I think making the maze experience expand onto the plaza could really make this maze. I’m not sure how realistic this is but it’s something I’d love to see!

Have you had any ideas like this for the future fright nights? Let us know!

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