West Midlands To South Wales In One Day Road Trip..

Originally I planned to visit Oakwood one day then stop overnight to do Barry Island the next day. However due to the current circumstances with COVID we weren’t aware of the rules regarding hotel stays in Wales. Also we are planning to do a trip to Disneyland Paris by car next March, so practice was definitely needed. Therefore we decided to do it all in one day. It’s safe to say it made it a a lot more fun!

B&M trip for energy drinks & snacks for the journey completed Friday evening. We then hit the road Saturday morning around 6am and headed to Wales. The views during the car ride were breath taking it was truly beautiful. I’ll pop some pictures throughout. Crossing our Prince of Wales bridge was as beautiful as I expected too. Wales is a very beautiful country.

Arriving at our first stop which was in fact Oakwood Theme Park. Full blog post will be linked here for anyone who’s interested in reading about our views.

We finished up at Oakwood around half 2 and headed to Barry Island to break up our journey home and grab some chips at the famous Boothy chip shop (IE Gavin & Stacey).

Arriving in Barry for 4:30 we found a cheap car park next door to the Pleasure Park and paid £3 until 11pm that evening. Which was an absolute bargain. We headed down the seafront & had a lovely few hours smooching around! I’ll be uploading our trip report this Friday.

Hit the road for 6ish and got in for 8:30pm! All in all the parts of Wales which we managed to see was truly gorgeous. It’s a place very dear to our hearts now. It was lovely to smell the sea air and just have a cute day together!

If you’re from the Midlands and have any questions about the day trip, feel free to comment them below or across our socials!

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