Trip Review: Oakwood Theme Park July 2020

Oakwood has been one of our bucket list UK theme parks to visit for around about 4/5 years now. Yet we’ve only just managed to get round to it & here’s our review on the park & our experience. We hope you enjoy!

Car parking was a lot easier then I thought it would have been. The car park is right in front of the entrance and free. Tickets have to be pre-booked online but I’d highly recommend screenshotting your e-ticket as the signal is pretty pants. Entry was very easy simply show your e-ticket and you’ll receive a small receipt that’s it your free to go in.

In terms of COVID safety measures prior to entering you are asking how you are feeling, whether you’ve had any symptoms of COVID and then made to sanitise your hands. That’s all for when you enter the park, there are no temperature checks. As for safety elsewhere, there’s plenty of hand sanitisers, staff clean each ride after every cycle and the staff are in full PPE. Face masks are not mandatory on the rides however you can wear them if you wish as we figured out. We can barely fault for the park at all for the measures they went to in keeping everyone safe, the only thing that could have been better is making others wear a mask on rides. Social distancing across the park was the best we’ve seen at any park. Everyone obtain a safe distance from one another.

I’m not going to review the rides fully within this blog post as I’ll be sharing a separate one to discuss the coasters in detail. However, there’s plenty of selection across the park mainly for families. There were a few ”thrill” rides closed due to the current circumstances. There’s plenty of filler (Flat rides) rides, which is always fab to see.

The ride queues were extremely quiet for a Saturday. Every rollercoaster was running at reduced capacity with rows been skipped to obtain social distancing. However, queues never got above 10-20 minutes and that was just for Megaphobia.

All in all the park is very pretty and gave me similar vibes to Pleasurewood Hills. It was a lot smaller then I had expected but has a decent amount of rides, especially if you have a family. Unfortunately for us, a fair few rides were closed due to the current situation with COVID as I mentioned above.

There’s beautiful theming in selective areas and a lot of naturally beautiful areas of the park too. It has a lovely atmosphere & plenty of themed audio throughout the park which surprised us. The amount of pride displayed through their gardening was gorgeous and definitely made the park a lot prettier too.

I’d definitely recommend anyone who hasn’t visited to go & experience the park, especially families. We used our Tesco Clubcard vouchers for our entry and it reduced the price a lot. I’d highly recommend if you can do the same, then definitely do it. We will definitely visit again in the next few years as we are still dying to experience Drench!

Have you visited yet? If so what’s your thoughts on the park, let us know!

Thank you for reading..

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