Ride Types I Wish We Had More Of In The UK.

I’ve been really mourning the ability to experience a few ride types lately. I know we probably have some of the listed below, but in my opinion nowhere near enough of them. So here’s some ride types I’d love to see more off.

Indoor is much preferred with immense level of theming. But outdoor would do. We have a few, yes. But nowhere near enough. We need definitely need more. I can’t help but look at Drayton Manor on this one. I’d love to see Pirates Adventure show building in its former glory again, with a new theme of course or updated a version of Pirates.

Sadly it seems this is a dying breed of ride. For someone like myself who is basically a log flume enthusiast, it’s sad to see. I’d love to see more pop up in the nearby future. Yet I accept the fact it’s highly unlikely to happen.

Again I know we have a few with some parks like Thorpe Park been quite heavy on this front. Yet there’s other parks which barely have any. I love a flat ride for the in between rides part of the day. It’s an easy way to equal queues out and simply spread the guest across the park. Yet we barely have any anymore.

There’s 3 of the ride types I would personally love to see more of across the UK. I’d love to hear yours as well.

Thank you for reading!

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