Travel Anxiety & What I Find Helps.

As someone who struggles with travel anxiety and has done for as long as I can remember. I’ve found several things & methods along the way which helps me personally. Let me know if you try any of these things and if it works for you too. Or if you have any recommendations!

1. Tiring Myself Out:

Usually I leave EVERYTHING to the last minute so I am physically drained. Perhaps it’s not the healthiest way to help but it works for me. I’ll leave any packing, shopping and basically all that needs to be done until the day before so I have no choice but to sleep.

2. Books, Colouring Books & Wordsearches:

They are just a few things I enjoy doing. By all means not everyone will be the same. But find something which usually relaxes you and simply do that during any travelling you can. It’ll relax your mind and body and for me it really does help.

3. Deep Breathing:

This may seem daft to include. But just take a moment to breath and remember your okay. It’s far from that simple I get that. But whenever I feel my anxiety peaking I have to take a moment to simply breath deeply. I’ve found this method relaxes me a lot and it gives me that brief moment to get my thoughts together.

4. Travel With Someone You Trust:

I can’t imagine anything worst then travelling with somebody I wouldn’t trust with my life. Luckily whenever I am travelling I’m with Ant or my mum. Or somebody I trust. It makes a huge impact on my mood and how safe I feel. I tend to turn to Ant and inform him when I feel most anxious and then by just offloading my feelings I begin to feel the littlest bit better.

5. Music:

When I go anywhere alone within my local city I find popping one headphone in simply relaxes me. It’s my way of coping when I feel in a panic and alone. Whenever I am alone, I always feel very isolated and alone and that does scare me. Therefore my comfort is my music. Pop my favourite album on or song on repeat and I’m a lot more chilled.

These are just a few things I feel help me best. I’d love to know if you have any tips or tricks.


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