TRIP REVIEW| Blackpool Pleasure Beach – Re-Opening July 2020

Saturday & Sunday just gone we headed to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for their re-opening! Of course, it was a different experience with the current circumstances taken into account.

We want to begin with saying a huge well done to the park & staff. They have handled the re-opening beautifully and everything runs so smoothly. Every staff member we encounter were always welcoming. So thank you to all the staff for making this currently normal seem more normal. You all done an incredible job! Also just want to add what a lovely touch it was to see The Big One lit up on Saturday night for the NHS.


It was very easy in regards to entry. Of course there’s no wristbands at the moment or printed entry tickets. It’s all done via E-ticket. You enter on the car park side and are given a number which is the lane you follow. You simply get your bags checked and scan your e-ticket then you are free to ride everything without scanning again. However we did notice there was no temperature checks upon entry, it was something I personally weren’t sure about.


The longest in regards to time was The Big One in the morning. We waited something along the lines of 2 hours but I do believe it might of been on an 11 am opening. However after this the queues were very reasonable across the park. It came to around 5pm and the queues died down even more than they were originally. Social distancing markers were VERY clear within the queues which was very good and there was plenty of hand sanitiser dispensers available.


At the entrance of all rides which required a face mask was a member of staff to ensure you had one upon entry. All of the rollercoasters and rides where screaming is likely to occur requires a face mask. Our face mask stayed on very well and the only ride there was a little bit of flappy of them was The Big One. Big one was running the carriages on every first & 3rd row of each carriage was filled. It worked really well across all the rides. The rides felt  no different and dark rides such as River Caves was somewhat more enjoyable with these measures. Also River Caves has had some scenes removed, so huge appalled to the park for moving on with the times so to speak.


We had a lovely day with our good friends Springy Tales & Airtime John both of the channels will be linked below & it was lovely to meet Theme Park Nomads (again channel linked below). We thoroughly enjoyed getting back on some of our favourite rides and just been amongst the parks again. We felt very safe within the park in regards to social distancing & enhanced cleaning taking place. 

Airtime John

Springy Tales

Theme Park Nomads

Have you visited Blackpool Pleasure Beach since or are you going too?

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