Best & Worst UK Rollercoaster (IMO)

I think the majority of UK rollercoasters are pretty decent. But of course I have my favourites & least just like anyone else. So here is MY favourite rollercoaster & my least. As always I’d love to hear yours!


Thirteen. Thirteen simply offers everything I love on a coaster. Airtime, smoothness, a steep drop and something different (free fall drop). The theming is pretty epic as well but definitely could be better. But all in all this is my favourite UK rollercoaster. It’s taken me years to grow to love it but now it’s my number one within the UK.

Least Favourite:

Odyssey at Fantasy Island. I’m not sold on this coaster at all. But the only downfall I have when it comes down to why, is partly due to the weather. We rode it during a heavy down pour of rain, so my opinion may differ in the sun. But as for a rollercoaster I didn’t enjoy it all that much. The height alone scared the crap out of me, the fact my feet aren’t even on any kind of floor instead dangling doesn’t help. The fact you are over the top of a market just adds to my nervous feeling , I don’t know why. There’s so much about this coaster which I didn’t enjoy but I am willing to try again on a sunnier day!

📸: Fantasy Island

What’s your favourite & least favourite?

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