1.4m UK Rollercoaster Guide

I thought following on from the amount of love we had of the between 1.1m-1.2m post. I thought I’d share my recommendations for those tall enough to experience 1.4m rollercoasters. I’m going to share the order of which I’d recommend doing these coasters (some coasters may have a lower height restrictions).

These are only my thoughts & recommendations of course everyone is different. Hope you enjoy. I’ve only included 6 rollercoasters from across the parks I’ve visited.

Thirteen – Alton Towers:

I feel this is a fab way to begin the introduction into bigger rides. It may not phase many but the drop is pretty steep and the whole indoor section can really test your ability & love for more thrilling experiences for sure.

Icon – Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

I feel Icon could well be a fab intro to inversions & speed. The launch definitely ain’t all that forceful but it’s a starter for future speeds right? The inversions are very minimalistic and spread out therefore it’s a fab way to know if inversions are for you.

Galactica / Air – Alton Towers:

This coaster is pretty chilled. It’s one which I wish was my first. The entire layout is pretty simple and fun. It could well be a fab introduction into more stranger & unfamiliar coasters that aren’t your typical sit-down in a carriage one.

Shockwave – Drayton Manor:

My first thrill rollercoaster. The stand up element is definitely, something I prefer given the fact you feel more in control. It’s a head on the approach towards inversions as well as you have the loop which I think is goals.

Nemesis Inferno – Thorpe Park:

Step in the right direction for intensity! Inferno offers lighter intense moments plus height from the lift hill. A feel for those areas of coasters. It’s also short duration so if it’s not your thing by time you know it, it’ll be all over with.

Rita – Alton Towers:

Speed. Intensity. One of the best rides to begin with. It got such a short duration that by time it’s over you’ll be like is that it? It’s a rollercoaster I’ve known those who don’t enjoy “thrill & inversions” to adore.

I hope this is helpful to those with children or those who are afraid of thrill rollercoasters.

Thank you for reading…

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