Ride Breakdowns – Theme Park Fears #3

Truthfully if the breakdown involves dark spaces I’m still in this boat, I don’t do too greatly in the dark. But today I thought I’d discuss some tips for overcoming a fear of breakdowns whilst on a ride/rollercoaster. Thank you to those who shared this fear with us. I hope this is somewhat helpful.

Safety First:

Of course, safety is paramount in all circumstances whilst visiting a theme park. Breakdowns are often happening to ensure the safety of you. It’s the best way to think of these situations. If the ride begins again it’s safe to do so, or you’ll be evacuated and escorted back to normality. Try & remind yourself the breakdown is for your own safety. Rides such as Duel tend to stop quite regularly due to disabled guest entering & exiting vehicles.

Listen For Announcements:

Regardless of the ride or circumstances of the stoppage on any ride, you’ll more than likely receive frequent updates. The majority of rides will announce when the ride is about start again. I personally find been kept in the know, comforting.

Keep Occupied:

If your on a rollercoaster and outdoors simply keep yourself occupied by looking around. Start to plan your next few rides. If your with others have a chat about the views or what they’d like to do next. Simply keeping yourself occupied helps pass what may seem like an hour but more than likely 10-15 minutes wait. Even start a game up to keep yourself busy.

Deep Breathing:

It’s always important to remember to breath deep when you feel afraid. If your at a high point of the said ride just remember your safe & you’ll be okay. If it’s too much for you to handle just simply close your eyes. There’s no shame in doing so as it just helps to block of what’s making you feel afraid. Just keeping breathing & you’ll be off again by time you know it.

I hope this blog post helps you! There are just a few tips in helping overcome this fear. Remember to let us know anymore you guys have!

Thank you for reading…

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