Warwick Castle June 2020: Trip Report

Who would of knew that the first merlin owned attraction we’d visit in 2020 would be Warwick Castle? But that aside. Here’s our trip report from our visit to Warwick Castle last week with their new Heath & safety measures in place. I hope this is somewhat helpful to those wanting to visit and y’all enjoy.

Pre Booking // Parking:

If your a passholder like us it will only cost £1 to secure your tickets. For non-pass holders it cost from £12.50. Pre booking is essential. When you arrive at the car park you will have to park with a space either side of you. I found this so much better as you can open your doors widely and not worry about those cars around you!


You enter in the usual place you would on a normal day. The queue to get in wasn’t all that long. There’s markings on the floor to indicated the 2m social distancing. Everyone in the line had taken this seriously and stuck to it which was good. Before you enter you of course need your temperature checked. This was fast and simple, literally 5 seconds and your done. Of course bag searches do still happen but the staff is all in PPE and there’s screens between you & the staff member. Which is the same for the person scanning your tickets. It’s quite fast and simple to get in.

What’s Open?

The majority of the castle is open except anywhere which includes confined spaces & places that contain touch points. The pathway by the lake was also closed during our visit. There is of course no shows or activities currently.

Social Distancing:

Food stalls & toilets basically anywhere where a queue can form has social distancing markers on the floor. The majority of guest obtained a safe distance at all times. However we barely saw any guest wearing face masks. But genuinely speaking social distancing worked really well.

Hand Sanitiser Stations:

There’s plenty of points to pop hand gel on. All these points are automatic as well which is handing as you don’t have to touch the dispensers.


We had a lovely day out and as someone who has found supermarkets a lot to handle with my anxiety, I found this a lot more comfortable. There wasn’t a moment where I felt anxious as everyone was so wary of each other & staff was extremely welcoming too. I never thought I’d appreciate a day out like I did during this visit. It felt so nice to be outdoors again in familiar surroundings. I’d definitely head back again at some point and this time dressed more for the weather.

If your like me and really struggled with Tesco trips for example and fear of going outdoors due to it. I can reassure you Warwick Castle is nothing like that. I’d highly recommend anyone who’s wanting to exercise and grab some fresh air to visit.

If you have any questions in regards to the changes please comment them across our socials, I’ll happily answer anything.

Thank you for reading..

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