Then VS Now – Chessington World of Adventures

Many UK theme parks have faced several changes over the years. A lot of the current rides had former rides in their space. I thought it’d be fun to have a look back over the changes that has happened at specific theme parks, today been Chessington World of Adventures. As always I’d love to hear your thoughts too.

Bubbleworks – Gruffalo:

I personally only ever experienced Bubbleworks within its final year. I instantly fell in love with the ride & theme. I’m someone who cares a lot for boat rides and happy themes. The change was something I was always unsure about. I weren’t sure how changing such an iconic theme could possibly go down that well. But I must admit the theming now is stunning. For me though I’ll always prefer Bubbleworks due to the lighter happy vibes. But that’s not to say The Gruffalo is rubbish because that’s not true.    

Dragon Falls – Tiger Rock:

I adore the changes made to the ride & surrounding area. Dragon Falls the first time I experienced it looked tired and didn’t have a lot of theming surrounding the ride nor the area. Everything felt as if it got stuck many years ago within the area. I know not much has changed to the surrounding buildings but the small touches of paint alone was enough to add life to the area. As for the ride the added theming like the tiger structure has made an insane amount of difference. It’s added life and a beautiful entrance to the area. As for the area itself the fact you are surrounded by Tigers has created one of the best UK theme park areas.

Hocus Pocus Hall – Room on the Broom:

I must admit Hocus Pocus always looked aged. It was old and had a decent life span. However as for the theme is something I preferred. Room on the Broom however visually all throughout looks beautiful. The new theming has really made the attraction alive again and modern. I love the changes a lot however I wish we simply just had this level of change to the old theme. But that’s just my opinion. I’m sure children will love the new theme but for me personally as an adult I prefer the previous theme.

What changes have you seen happen at Chessington World of Adventures over the years? Which do you prefer?

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