You Guys Controlled Our Day at Alton Towers!!

Those who follow our social media accounts will know that we decided to let you guys control our day. Our followers got to choose our first ride etc. We thought it’d be pretty fun and a way to get everyone involved in our day. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have. We’ll be doing this again very shortly at another park!

Our First Ride:

Thankfully you guys were very kind to us and voted for Wickerman! During our ERT time we got on Wickerman. It was running beautifully and very fast. The mist effects were very strong which looked beautifully.

Forbidden Valley:

Our next poll which went out on Twitter was which area you’d like us to head to next. Of course you guys chosen Forbidden Valley and our first ride to be Nemesis. We adore Nemesis very much and loved our ride on it. Those who are heading to Alton Towers this season. Forbidden Valley is extremely quiet at the start of the day & the end. Our next ride was meant to be Galactica then Blade how they were both late opening.

Dark Forest:

The next poll we ran was for which area next which came down to Dark Forest & Thirteen first. It was strange as that is our normal route with Thirteen been first then Rita. Both of which were running beautifully minus the extra tight restraint on Rita! Following on from them two rides we headed to Hex for our next ride vote by you guys. Anybody who knows us will know we aren’t massive fans. However we don’t hate the ride at all. It’s enjoyable but for us just not that re rideable given how forceful the swing is. But we can totally get why majority of people love it. Hex was in a beautiful condition there were effects which we never noticed in there before until now. The smell pods were strong in the room prior to the swing the wind effects were really strong!

X Sector:

You guys chosen X Sector as our next area to be X Sector with The Smiler first. Honestly this season we are enjoying The Smiler more than we’ve ever done. It’s been running pretty well of course there’s some rough edges but once you know where they are it’s easier to brace. Our next ride was the beautiful Oblivion which as always running like a dream. The only issue was lack of staff loading, checking restraints and unloading. However the two members of staff tried so hard and they really did deserve to be recognised for their hard work.

In between your votes:

In between your votes we just went back around and got re rides on as much as possible. We even visited Sharkbait Reef which is such an overlooked attraction in our opinion. For the first time of the season we managed to get on Runaway Mine Train which was fab! We done a couple re rides on Wickerman, Nemesis, Thirteen, Rita & Duel. We also finally got on Galactica after the delayed opening. Then it came to an hour prior to close so we headed towards our final area you guys had voted.

Our Final Area:

Our final area of the day voted by you guys was Forbidden Valley. During the final hour / half hour we managed to have a front row ride on Nemesis. Honestly it was fab and gives a different perspective compared to other rows as you see so much & it feels so different. We managed a second ride on Galactica which again was beautifully and is such an enjoyable coaster even better with the normal Air restraints.

Our thoughts on you guys been in control.

Truthfully it was quite nice & enjoyable as it really broke up the day for us. Usually when we head to Alton Towers we always tend to stick to the same route. That’s normally Wickerman, Dark Forest, X Sector, Katanga Canyon, Duel then Forbidden Valley. However with you guys controlling our day it was completely different to that usual route which was quite nice. There was something really lovely about allowing our followers to be a major part of our day. We really hope you guys enjoyed been apart too. We’re hoping to do another park shortly!

We’d love to say thank you ever so much for those been apart of the day. It was lovely to have that interaction & have you guys apart of our day. We really appreciate the continuous support, likes, retweets / shares & follows. If perhaps you have a theme park related YouTube channel or blog please let us know we can check yours out!

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