Theme Park Fears: Indoor Water Rides

I asked on Instagram to send me your fears and it turns out quite a few of you guys have this fear. Truthfully I was once afraid of Valhalla for many reasons, so I really do get this fear. As always I’m no expert in this, it’s just a few ideas & ways I’ve found has helped me. I hope you guys enjoy and find this somewhat useful!

Short Duration:

I found as much as I love boat rides now I had to start of with rides that are smaller in length. The darkness often was something which scared me a lot as well as the unknown. So I’d search through YouTube of the place I was visiting to find which indoor water ride had the shorter duration.

Sit In The Middle:

If your about to experience a boat ride that has multiple people to a row try and sit in the middle. I found whilst I was overcoming this fear with the likes of Pirates Adventure at Drayton Manor that sitting in the middle helped a lot. I almost felt protected by everyone around me.


Honestly the only reason I watch these now is because I’m still a little unsure of the unknown. Whether that’s a brand new dark ride I get anxious by the not knowing. So if your like me then I’d definitely recommend watching POVs.

Ride With Someone You Feel Safe With:

I feel for a lot of the fears we have riding and experiencing them with someone who you feel comfortable with is always helpful.

There’s a few ideas and things I’ve found helped me to overcome this fear.

Have you overcome this fear? If so share your tips in the comments! 

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