Theme Park Fears: Flat Rides & Inversions

I’ve decided to change the name of this series due to many non rollercoaster fears been sent to us. Today’s is all about fears of inverting flat rides, something I once struggled with too. Here’s some ideas I think may help overcome this fear.

Of course I am no expert as I mentioned in each post, these are just my ideas.

Start Off Small:

I think there’s one or two ways around this and that’s either start off small or go straight in to discover your limits. But I’d recommend starting of small. Get the taste of flat rides and how they feel whilst riding. As these type of rides aren’t for everyone and may well end up making you go off the idea of inverting ones all together. But I’d recommend getting the taste of them, something along the lines of a Huss Enterprise or Pirate Ship.

Near Inverting:

I found riding the likes of Maelstrom helped come closer to overcoming the fear. If you experience a ride which swings in an almost inversion it may really help. Maelstrom swings at a decent height which is close to inverting in some ways. Test your limits with a Gyro Swing or Rush at Thorpe Park. It’ll help understand whether your ready to go even further.

Take Your Time:

There’s no rush to suddenly overcome this fear may I just add. Simply take your time and do it when you feel ready too. These rides will always be around but you have to remember it has to be when you feel comfortable enough to take the next step.

Skyforce – Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

If you live in the UK and facing this fear I’d recommend giving this ride ago. The controlling element of this ride is something I’d recommend. You control whether you want to invert and when you’re ready to stop as well. I’d suggest avoiding this ride on a windy day as it can be quite traumatic when trying to stop spinning for anyone. But this level of control is ideal for overcoming this fear. Simply use the wings to invert and pull them straight to stop.

First Inverting Flat:

There’s not many inverting flat rides which go easy on the inversions. So definitely make sure you feel ready to tackle this. Once you do there’s a fair pick amongst the UK parks. One of which is Skyforce as I mentioned above. The likes of Air Race at Drayton Manor offer multiple inversions which may help determine how you stand with them. I’m not too sure where to begin with recommending a ride to begin with. They are all quite full on within the UK.

Closing Your Eyes Is Okay:

If you dive straight in and feel it’s not for you simply close your eyes. It’ll help pass the rides duration. Theres nothing to be embarrassed over either. Of course if you suffer from perhaps travel sickness this wouldn’t be all that wise.

I hope this helps in some manner. Just remember to do things at your paste and time and if you choose to never tackle this fear, that’s also okay! Let me know what fears you face when it comes down to rides & theme parks!

Thank you for reading…

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