Trip Report | Blackpool Tower Eye 2018.

One of my favourite attractions to do in Blackpool is the Blackpool Tower Eye. It just never gets old in my opinion and the views are gorgeous too.

There’s plenty of photo opportunities during the lead up to heading up the Tower. There’s also a 4D Cinema experience. Of course once you’ve done it, it does loose its initial spark or at least it has for us anyway. In some sense it’s quite an emotional 4D or is that just me? Spoiler alert coming up….. The 4D cinema is all about Blackpool and various bits of history.


Once leaving the 4D cinema you’re grouped up into the lifts which on busier days are really cramped. But your not in the lift long enough for it to be an issue. Whilst going up there’s a staff member giving facts about the tower also basic information that’s important to know.
When leaving the lift the glass floor is before your eyes. It’s crazy to believe it’s actually safe to stand on. For us when we stand on the glass we rather look ahead then down! Of course the glass floor isn’t for everyone and is quite scary especially for those scared of heights. However the views of Blackpool are stunning.


There’s also another two tiers including the highest public point. On the first floor with the glass viewing point it’s all indoors meaning it’s not too cold whereas the higher up you go the more open it becomes. The first floor there’s plenty to look at including fact screens. There’s also a bar on this floor which is always a lovely touch and makes a beautiful setting to have a drink in. Don’t forget merlin pass holders you get 20% discount!

There isn’t any time limit on your visit you just head to the lifts once your done. Whilst heading down in the lift you also have a worker explaining where the shop is etc.

Once you have finished at the Tower head up to the 7th floor for the brand new golf. It’s not a massive crazy golf, it’s still fun. Premium merlin pass holder only have to pay £3 and it’s definitely worth it. We spent roughly half hour on the golf. It’s only a 9 hole golf however the theming is quite cute, it’s dinosaur themed. For us we’d like to see future improvements added to the golf.

We recommend anybody who’s visiting Blackpool to visit the Tower for the views and for the beautiful sights of the surrounding area. Merlin passes holders it’s free and a lovely added perk to our passes.


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