Trip Report | Ripley’s Believe It Or Not 2018

Well it’s certainly an interesting walk through attraction. Just like any other attraction. it’s as long as you make it. If you take your time throughout and get involved with the interaction on offer you’ll be there for a good while. Whereas if you rush through of course it will obliviously be short.


There’s not an empty space or something interesting throughout the entire attraction. As you walk in to the right hand side the famous fertility statue from the Pleasure Beach documentary is on display still. As theme park enthusiast we tend to really enjoy well themed attractions & this certainly does not disappoint.

Whilst passing through the attraction something’s will make you question your eyes in all honesty. Some things seem crazy to believe where others not so unbelievable. Therefore the name is really fitting haha.

Some of things throughout are a lot more impressive & cool rather than strange. However the population of weird to the impressive is as high as expected. It’s worth reading each fact card as it is very interesting.

There’s some things which are quite dark and truthfully a little daunting. Which is why I think reading the little cards beside of them are quite important as it is quite interesting but bit surreal.

At the end of the attraction is a trommel tunnel which you walk through the middle of. As anybody who has experienced a dark ride with this element could imagine its mind blowing & trippy which suits this attraction to the tee. However if you suffer motion sickness I wouldn’t really recommend going through it.

As you exit into the shop there’s plenty of merch to get your hands on as well as Blackpool based things to buy too all of which are fairly priced.

For us Ripley’s is certainly worth that small fee of £6 for an adult . Also those who are students if planning to visit take some student ID as its only £5 entry. There’s of course pricing differences for the elderly and children too. I’d recommend anyone to experience this attraction and it’s just like a darker & weird version of Madame Tussauds really.

We’d certainly recommend anybody to visit Ripley’s believe or not whilst in Blackpool. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea but as with anything in life, you won’t know until you try it.


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