2019 Halloween Season Highlights & Chat.

So today’s the day itself Halloween! It only makes sense to be posting this chatty blog about the highlights of the 2019 Halloween season. We’ve attended the most scare events/attractions then ever before and finally I managed to pluck the courage up to begin hitting up scare mazes. Of course there was a few exceptions in regards to selective mazes. However here’s we are talking about how fab it’s been, I hope you enjoy this blog & definitely let me know your highlights in the comments or across our socials.

Favourite Mazes:

The Attic is such a stand out maze for me. I found the story line proper eerie and something which I personally find terrifying. Theming was insane throughout and some of the scares were so intense. We did however lead this maze and perhaps that’s why it was that harsh on scares. Something which forever dawns on me is the very disturbing dolls mask and demon!

Ash Hell & Wasteland Penitentiary both of which were insane mazes. Turns out prison maze are extremely terrifying. The whole strobe lighting and both sets of actors were absolutely mental. Generally some of the best mazes yet.

Sleep Experiment first of all why does nobody rave about this maze? We’ve never experienced anything of its kind. Scares were coming from mattresses and some of the costumes were top quality.

Creepy Caves I can’t continue this blog without a big mention to this maze. It’s where all these other mazes began with. Like this maze in 2018 scared the pants off me and scarred me for life. It never fails to deliver really and actors are FAB!

Of course Creek Freak Massacre one of the most mentioned mazes of 2019. That maze seriously has to win some awards right? It provides so many immense jump scares and overall experience is extraordinary.

Favourite Finales;

We have to begin with the one finale which has generally scarred me for life, The Village at Xtreme Scream. That’s exactly what nightmare are made off. The most terrifying way to end a maze is sending you through the eeriest church with a mix of actors & dummies. What a way to end a maze?

Without a doubt one of my personal favourites was Hammer House of Horrors at Screamland. Clapping monkeys distracting you from the main scare itself! Absolutely incredible and very well thought through.

Creepy Caves has easily one of the best finales with the lock down room. It’s such an intense way to end a maze which is meant to be family orientated. The way the actors are on you and you can’t move because your locked in the room. Absolutely incredible finale.

Most Surprising Mazes:

We had very low expectations for Blair Witch at Thorpe Park but were pleasantly surprised. The fact your out in the woods and can barely see ahead of you really creates a fab atmosphere. Many of the scares were from the least expected places and the finale house had me & Ret on the floor.

Darkest Depths at Alton Towers really did surprise us for a family maze in shipping containers as well. The theming throughout was immense and honestly some of the scares, we had out the family / lower ranked Mazes we experienced. We really hope this maze returns for 2020.

Sleep Experiment and Submerged were easily two of the strongest mazes we’ve encountered both of which were in a car park. So when heading into them we thought these are never going to be that intense or strongly themed. But truthfully they blew us away they are insanely themed and so intense.

The Village At Xtreme Scream really took us by surprise mainly due to that finale. Like that was something I expect to see in my nightmares. Absolutely incredible maze and actors were top form.


We’ve had an incredible Halloween season. It’s our first year fully embracing Scare Mazes and events. Therefore we’ve had the best time and really can’t wait for next year to return to all of the events from this year alongside many new ones. To any actors reading this blog you’ve done an absolute incredible job and thank you for providing us with so much fun and scares. Your all fab and we can’t wait to hopefully see you all again next year. But for now that’s all from our Halloween blogs definitely let me know your highlights below.

Thank you for reading…

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