Trip Report | Xtreme Scream Park: Twinlakes

We were kindly gifted tickets to experience and share our thoughts on this Halloween based event. It was an event we were possibly most excited for and anticipating. We hope you enjoy this blog and let us know if you’ve visited.

Okay, this was our first maze of the evening and we had no idea what to expect. Heading into this maze the theming was very clear to understand your basically in a prison. However we had no idea how lengthy it was going to be given the fact it felt as if it wasn’t ever going to end. The scares were coming thick and fast. The atmosphere throughout stayed consistently tense during the entirety of the maze. It genuinely felt as if you were in a prison by time you got out of there, the length definitely added to the theming. It was a vile but incredible definitely within our top 5.

Rating: 5/5

This was a maze we were anticipating the most and unfortunately it just didn’t deliver for us and ended up been the weakest of the evening. The batching groups just were too big and close to the previous group for their to be enough actors to scare everyone. There’s no denying the fact the theming is utterly insane and some comedic areas in this maze as well. The quality of acting was without incredible but due to their just been one long line of people it must of made it challenging for them to show of how fab they really were.

Rating: 2/5

Okay, this was pretty insane during our run through. Some of the animatronics throughout were incredible and providing so many scares for us. They add the little touch to the blank areas without actors. Theming sets were incredible throughout with so many heavily themed areas. Smell pods were incredible as well. Quality of acting was top form but again the whole batching groups so close together does take an impact in majority of the mazes except Ash Hell.

Rating: 3/5

This is what nightmares are made from especially that finale. When we headed into this maze we had absolutely no idea on what to expect. But we were very pleasantly surprised by how incredible this maze was. Admittedly during some areas a little bit of floor lighting would of be very handy, given the amount of ditches there is during outdoor areas. Other than that though the theming sets and rooms were insane like there was so many different themed rooms with some incredible jumps. The finale is another level of eerie. There’s just something about churches which gives us the spooks as it is and this definitely emphasised that. The whole not knowing what and who was real definitely created some of the best jump scares we’ve had during the entire night. Absolutely beautiful but scary maze, it’s a must check out.

Rating: 4.5/5

Honestly we’re so lucky to have this Halloween event so local to home. The quality of acting was incredible and the overall experience was fab. However the whole batching issues definitely dampened a fair few mazes but that aside we had an incredible evening. We’d definitely recommend visiting as you’ll be amazed by some of these mazes. We really hope to visit again next season as we had such a blast. Once again a massive thank you to the PR team for inviting us along to experience these insane mazes. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets HERE!

Thank you for reading….


DISCLAIMER: Our tickets and entry were gifted however all of the above is our honest opinions. The park had no influence or say on the things we wrote.

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