Trip Report | Screamland: Dreamland Margate Review.

First of all we’d like to say a massive thank you to the team at Dreamland for inviting us to the preview night. We hope you enjoy this blog and be sure to visit this Halloween season for some fab mazes.

Our first maze of the evening was Submerged. This maze was pirate oriented and had some quality theming throughout. With some solid scares as well. The whole maze had incredible atmosphere and had a fair few decent jump scares. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s anywhere near as intense as Sleep Experiment though. But overall a enjoyable maze with some of the best atmosphere.

Rating: 3.5/5

This is definitely the strongest clown maze of the season so far. Once heading into the building your greeted by a fortune teller, she’s an insane actor and played the role perfectly. Straight into a crawling section into a ball pit which is something unique in comparison to what we’ve experienced so far. The jump scares were timed beautifully in this maze and came at the least expected moments. You enter a room where your encouraged to play a typical carnival game of throwing a bean bag to some cans. You then enter the rest of scare maze through that game stall. There’s one big chap in this maze and easily one of the best actors we’ve encountered. The theming was extradionary and complimented all of the scares perfectly. It was very maze-like with several dead ends.

Rating: 4.5/5

Once inside the building your greeted by a chap who explains a little bit behind the story & maze. You then head into a smaller room with one of the best non actor jump scares we’ve encountered. Some of the theming aspects of this maze are insane and distract you beautifully from upcoming scares. The actors throughout were top quality again, it seemed to be a reoccurring pattern across all mazes. The finale was something which stands out a lot to us, especially during our second run through. The way the theming attracts your attention perfectly to then have one of the best jump scares. The overall eerie and creepy atmosphere is just the icing on the cake.

Rating: 5/5

This was one of the mazes which we had a lot of expectations for given previous years footage we watched. But honestly it was on another level and easily one of our top 3 overall scare mazes this season. The actors are genuinely insane and complete this maze beautifully. There’s a few very uncomfortable moments with having to squeeze past actors and genuinely feeling of when is the jump going to happen. Finale was top quality with one of the best strobe mazes we’ve encountered. The actors and their weapons sparking across the metal bars is terrifying. 100% one of the best mazes we’ve done so far.

Rating: 5/5

There was a decent number of roaming actors swarming outdoors / indoors. They were some of the best we’ve witnessed and kept in characters beautifully. Majority were very clever with their scares and looked for every opportunity. One of them managed to jump onto the Walters whilst our cycle ended and give us a decent jump scare.

We’ve finally gotten the chance to ride one of our bucket list coasters, Scenic Railway. It definitely didn’t disappoint it was fun, smooth and had a long duration. We also managed to do a couple of the smaller rides like Walters which the roaming actors embarked on once our cycle came to an end giving us a decent jump scare.

Before heading into Hammer House of Horror for the final time of the evening. We headed into Cafe Terror to check it out and see what it’s about. It’s a very unique dining experience with some rather unusual menu items / names. There’s also live actors inside and the guy who served us was fab. There was a taster menu which thy were offering the press & media for free. We only tried the warm sick bag (mulled cider with apples) which to say the least was different. The tables are set out with hospital sick buckets, nitrile gloves and face mask. If your heading to Margate this Halloween make sure to check out this unique cafe experience.

This event overall is so well put together and laid out beautifully. It’s compact which means not a great ordeal of walking and no mazes the other end of the park to each other which is always ideal. Unlimited access to Mazes was fab. It was our first visit to Dreamland and we were blew away by how gorgeous it was. The park itself is so beautifully lit up and kept. If you haven’t got your tickets already to visit Screamland click HERE to buy them now, all tickets include mazes and rides. You genuinely will not be disappointed. It’s the 5th year of Screamland and therefore they have 5 mazes to match. But we hope this event continues for many more years to come, so don’t forget to buy your tickets and give them support. Across the park there’s several food and drink outlets available to eat from including pizza, fish and chips etc. The best aspect of this scare event is all mazes and queue lines are undercover, so no need to worry about the rain.

Thank you for reading…..

Disclaimer: We were invited to the preview event, however the park has no influence on our reviews or thoughts.

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