Lets Chat: Blackpool Pleasure Beach Halloween Event

There’s been many teasers and exciting social media post in regards to the Halloween events at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. So let’s have a chat about what we know so far and our opinions on it all. We hope you enjoy and definitely let us know your opinions down in the comments or across our socials.

Let’s begin with saying how we’re loving the fact that Pleasure Beach are getting more involved in Halloween this year. In previous years we attended Vampire Beach I believe it was 2017 we attended and it wasn’t the strongest of events. But for what we know so far this year sounds really exciting and something you don’t want to miss out.

Vampire Beach: 12th-31st October:

It’s fab to see this event is actually running longer than ever before which makes it easier to check out. All we know in regards to this event there’ll be roaming actors which sounds fab as something most parks actually lack. Pumpkin carving and spooky atmosphere so it sounds fun and we hope it’s improved since our last visit to this event.

Journey To Hell: 27th-31st October:

Now this sounds like Pleasure Beach are upping their game and really beginning to indulge amongst the bigger Halloween events. It’s something we’ve always wanted to see as we believe they’ve got big potential. Something we love which majority of parks have gradually faded out over the years is Scare zones. But Pleasure Beach are introducing their version of Scare zones during this event including Ouija Paranormal, The Scare Maze, Underground Horror Tunnel, The S&M Arena, Fearful Icon & Passaje Del Terror. That list alone just sounds really appealing and if it’s done well will be incredible.

It’s reserved for guest over the age of 13 years old and an adult must accompany those under 16. Therefore that indicates this event will be quite intense if these age guides are applicable. Icon is the only ride operating during this event which indicates that the entire area will be one big scare zone which therefore means it has the potential to be really intense.

We are definitely looking into attending this event as it does sounds like it could be one of the best events on offer this Halloween season. But if it’s not done in the right way potentially it’ll be disappointing but we’re looking into hotels etc to attend.

Late Night Riding & Fireworks: 26th October:

Pleasure Beach is set to transform into a ghostly and spine chilling space where hordes of zombies and vampires, with live music within the FY4 area. It seems to me this is the basic late night riding event but just more Halloween orientated. When we attended the Vampire Beach In 2017 this is the exact event we done. At that time it was quite hard to tell the difference from actual scare actors and the normal guest due to mask been allowed. However it’s worth checking out as the park has come on leaps and bounds since then.

Screamsceeen Drive In: 27th-31st October // Circus of Horrors: 25th-2nd November:

This sounds really fun actually it’s an open air drive in cinema meaning you can chill in your car and watch some horror movies. However it seems that more or less there’ll be some actors potentially roaming around. As the website states “it may not be just the film that makes you jump”. In a weird sense this is kind of my cup of tea and something I’m highly considering trying.

We’ve always heard so much good things about The Circus of Horrors but never watched it. Maybe this year we’ll try and fit it in along the way.

Nick or Treat: 12th-31st October:

Of course Pleasure Beach is home to Nickelodeon Land easily one of the best family areas in the UK. So this year they are hosting some fun events during the day within this area for the family audience. It’s always good when there’s something for all ages and everyone across the park to enjoy.

The Horror Bar / The Horror Crypt / Pasaje Del Terror: EVERYDAY

Those who don’t know about the Horror Bar it’s located within the Casino Building and is where you exit Pasaje Del Terror. It seems like it’ll be used to greet those who are attending Circus of Horror & Journey To Hell. It’ll be open every night from October 25th- November 2nd.

Horror Crypt is located outside the park and along the stretch to the brand new Boulevard Hotel. It’s a walk through museum which we’ve visited many years ago and always found quite a fun experience. Inside features several different props from horror movies and tv shows. I believe the entry is still very cheap at around £3 each and discounts on large groups.

Pasaje Del Terror is open all year round with the Pleasure Beach. It’s based around many famous characters from the horror genre and has 20 sets with 18 live actors. We’ve done this attraction a couple of times however we’ve never found it all that scary but we’re talking a few years ago now. Entry is priced at only £7 online.

That’s it for now guys and we hope to bring some reviews from this upcoming Halloween season at Pleasure Beach. Let us know if you’ll be attending and what you think of the news below in the comments or across our socials.

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