Lorikeet Feed at Chessington World of Adventures.

I love anything which involves animals and the chance to get up close with animals and this experience is fulfils my happiness. So next time you visit Chessington World of Adventures I’d highly recommend checking this little encounter out. Here’s my full review.

It’s something which can be easily missed. It’s called Lorikeet’s Lagoon located in Wild Asia part of the theme park nearby Kobra, Monkey Swinger and Dodgems. The feed is affordable & we’d say it’s worth £2. The pot of feed is decent sized and every time we’ve experienced this we’ve always had at least 2 birds eating from it.

If you’re sharing a pot between you, be prepared to have the birds get annoyed when passing the pot. They aren’t toilet trained so prepare for poop! It’s lovely to see how the birds interact with each other & other guest. I’ve always found the birds are so sweet but I’m sucker for animals so perhaps me just been me.

All the staff we’ve ever encountered throughout this walk through have always been fab. The staff are often willing to answer any questions you may have in regards to the birds and inform you of some fun facts too. If you dislike sudden movements or birds flapping their wings this isn’t the experience for you. It’s quite nerving when they fly onto you as sometimes they come when you least expect it. Other than that it’s such a lovely experience to have within a theme park.

It’s something different and a fab way to break up the day from the rides etc. If you do this experience they do accept cash and card payments. We always try and squeeze this in during our visits. It’s free to enter if you don’t fancy feeding them . We can’t recommend it enough just be aware they close for an hour as of 12:30pm. It’s a lovely experience for all the family and you guys should check it out on your next visit.

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