Farewell G Force – Drayton Manor

As many of you probably heard recently that the owner / chairman of Drayton Manor have confirmed G Force will be leaving Drayton Manor. This originally came from those who attended the RCCGB event on Sunday. Since there has been several people who claim a spokesman for Drayton Manor have also confirmed.

So let’s talk about G Force. It hasn’t ever been a coaster which we’d rank all that highly nor one of our favourites. We enjoyed the unique offering it had such as an inverted lift hill. The coaster layout wasn’t ever anything to scream & shout about. It was short and the restraints were fairly uncomfortable. They seemed to crush your top bit of your thighs and hips. However during last year’s Fireworks we managed to get a night ride on the front row which was fab.

G Force -Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor over the years has become a more family orientated rather than thrill. Not to say they don’t have an offering for the thrill audience as they do but nothing new to the line up with this target audience in mind. But they do offer decent family rides and attractions which thrill seekers can also enjoy. Drayton is our local park we’ve visited ever since kids. Personally we have a lot of faith in them and believe they have huge potential.

We don’t really believe they will replace G Force with a thrill coaster as such but whatever will be added will no doubt be fab. A family thrill coaster would be ideal and fab in our opinion.

Let us know what you think of this removal and what’s potentially to come in the next few years.

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